the police conducted a careful investigation

Original title: 19-year-old youth network chat encountered the 11-year-old the young girls Pianzhi hotel rape WASHINGTON Ili, September 13 (Qian Ying months) the four divisions of the Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Huocheng Reclamation Public Security Bureau said outside the 13th earlier this month Police uncovered statutory rape case,air jordan, the 19-year-old Zhao suspects arrested and brought to justice,mulberry outlet. The police officer handling the case introduced September 1,abercrombie, 18 am,hollister online shop, a middle-aged women to ho Reclamation Public Security Bureau report,hollister, saying the 11-year-old daughter being raped,abercrombie deutschland. According to the clues provided by the informant, the police conducted a careful investigation,mulberry, the found in Qingshuihe Town Huocheng Zhao a major crime suspects. Police investigation revealed that the victim daughter of Song, and the 19-year-old Zhao network QQ chat understanding,karen millen outlet. August 31, Zhao victims brought to a small hotel in Qingshuihe Town, open room for rest in Song,hollister online shop. 2:00 am on September 1,louboutin, Zhao take advantage of Song asleep rape,louboutin pas cher. Sept,hollister. 2, Police in Qingshuihe Town, Guangming Road, near Zhao captured. At present, the suspects have XingJu. (End)Related articles: the Food and Drug Administration The organizer 20 generations Zhang Wentian said the miracle happened. Rice or white has been praise

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