Bible is a code written by spiritually intelligent beings, and then modified to suit the agendas of folk.

The reason you can interpret the code is thanks

1) to the Torah which was written not by "God" but by beings who know the "laws of God" (or the universe).
2) Sir Francis Bacon who revived Freemasonry and wrote the King James version of the bible. Since Sir Francis Bacon was also a Rosicrucian, and a Knights Templar initiate- knowing King James was a maniac who would destroy spiritual knowledge with his version of the bible, he brilliantly encoded, or cyphered the King James Version so as to be able to be harvested for knowledge by the INITIATES who knew how and preserved this knowledge in "secret."

The "Freemasons" are not run by god. In origin they were began with a benevolent purpose by a being whose symbol is that of the snake in Sumerian times, and two snakes coiled around a staff in Greek times. This tradition goes back to before the Deluge, symbolized by Tubal Cain, and the lineage of HIRAM Abiff. But Freemasonry as a corporeal entity is run by men, and men can be corrupted.

You telling me "Freemasons are run by god" is the equivalent of a Catholic priest telling me the Vatican is run by "God." Sorry! No cigar. They are run by men influenced by much larger, lesser seen/known influences. Masonry is but one tangent of many mystery religions and "secret societies" that pre-date it. The concepts in Masonry can be traced back to the Mystery religions of Egypt, as well as those of the Druids and the Sumerian Shepherd Kings taught by Lord Ningizzida.

What you have exposed is play on words, the importance of words, and the correlations. In a sense, the underlying "code" and ability to re-arrange words to expose hidden meaning. This is not the purpose or function of the Freemasons, and let's not forget, that things can be hijacked for selfish purposes.

The human construct of religious dynasties is a joke. Not a shred of reality not an inkling of truth only a scheme to subdue the masses with myths that instill fear and intimidation so that the perpetrators could have their way with individuals and nations. Religions have nothing to do with truth or the nature of God or the reality of Spirit.

Re: Everything you need to know about the "Freemasons" You might want to read this :)

Oh dear.. I am to read the whole info in detail but.. oh freakin' heck. Jesus Christ!!!!! I will be honest on this - Hey you seriously, don't have a bloody clue what autism IS. I met one sorry, and I WAS one. Which faculty of freemasonry are you in man.. and where that info came from. Dude at least you are lucky not to get Agents to find you... and for good reason...Oh dear.

AND.. As a side note my dear, just in case that you spoke of something that Is True, as a word of warning, someone will want your head off. I am not anything though, neither Illuminati or Freemansony are my interest, I knew nothing about them.

Re: Everything you need to know about the "Freemasons" You might want to read this :)

l see to read this thread Indigo Violet, can be a bit OTT for some, yes; but Autism? is a genetic disorder that can be symptomatically diagnosed and treated to an extent by medication only, in a percentage of sufferers.  

To meet one, is hardly a scientific sample. To meet 100 would be valid and enough to comment on an opinion.
To talk about meeting one who was X, Y or Z therefore is personal rather than valid.

Freemasonry takes a lot of flack and who is to know these days of anyone who might bother to be a clique follower of an outdated faction such as Rosecutionism? The BBC and CNN run investigative docs on both from time to time and l dont see any of their directors being flayed alive in public recently.

Not say dont investigate- do it. If you want to grab a vid off utb on these topics and then run a thread, or add it in here and pick it apart- l mean, it could be biased maybe? Then that would be something. to share a vid, then anyone who is interested make their views and expand the topic further....wow...keeping ON topic..that might go somewhere l never went to before eh?

Re: Everything you need to know about the "Freemasons" You might want to read this :)


It is just that, I sincerely hope that the thread starter knows what he is doing. Sometimes the truth is secondary because they are associated with something else. And well for details about autism, I can only suggest him to go look it up first on the net, and being able to tell what deficiencies that someone like me faced. It is totally NOT fun not being able to figure jack out of simple things.
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