Where is the balance of cerebral and spiritual?

So, I've been away from here for a long while, but I've come back because, I'm not really sure. I think I'm trying to find that sense of wonder I once had, to try to find a balance between the cerebral and the spiritual. I've been in school, studying psychology (which I love with a severe passion), but psychology, in most cases, is so very cerebral, it lacks the same wonder that spirituality has. I want to find a balance between these. How can one follow psychology, what it teaches, what it says about the minds of people, but hold onto the wonder of the spirit, of the world, of our potential beyond the known capacities of the brain and mind? So, a lot of Indigo individuals say they have things like psychic abilities, how can one believe that these are possible, but also understand how psychology says the brain works and how our behaviors influence the way we think and interact. Some of this psychic stuff seems contradictory to psychology, or explained by some things that psychology discusses (things that may seem more rational), and I've been trying to figure it out for years now, I really want to know and understand this. I'm not trying to offend anyone, I really am just trying to find the balance between the capacities of the brain/mind, as described in psychology, and the spiritual self, one that may be psychic or such. Thoughts?

Sorry if this didn't make too much sense, typed this up at 2 in the morning.
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Have you ever heard of somnambulant hypnotherapy? It's a form of regression therapy developed by Dolores Cannon. She chronicled her career in the Convoluted Universe books. It is deeply spiritual, as she talks to the personalities of past lives and their higher consciousness that directs life-dispensation to learn and to heal and to evolve. Unfortunately Mrs. Cannon passed on last October, but she has students around the world that are carrying on her methods. You can probably find a group for training by searching the internet, if it interests you.

Convoluted Universe is a must read for Indigos. The insights are profound and life changing. Seriously, if you and the other members of this forum believe nothing else I say, this is important. My words are foolish and insignificant to the objective scientific methods of Dolores Cannon.
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Re: Where is the balance of cerebral and spiritual?

now this thread is worth developing. a great topic and worthy of everyone's time to check out and post an opinion on.

how to connect the spiritual and cerebral? where is the bridge that means you can be having a conversation with someone and be traveling outside at the same time; in more than one other dimension?
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Re: Where is the balance of cerebral and spiritual?

There is still a lot of research going on right now regarding this. Human is trying to reach this particular state. How to combine all different knowledge and perspectives in order to find the truth. The truth that holds all different truths into one. The problem is that some concepts are still very abstract for a real comprehension.

In my opinion, everyone knows there are 2 sides of the brain. One that connects us o logic and the other one with creativity. When we function with both sides of our brain we are able to find consistency and that everything can be complementary. Who knows, maybe the illusion is to function with only one side of the brain while ignoring all the wisdom of the other one as it limits our perspective.

I can only tell you where I find this line where spirit reaches psychology: Psychology studies human emotions, thoughts and reactions of individuals, based on a more scientific approach. Spirituality reaches exactly the same but from its own perspective. Spirituality reaches the energy and creation generated from those human emotions, thoughts and reactions. Spirituality creates and manifests. Psychology is a layer study of the mind and consciousness work. Its a scientific, measured approach. Which is completely acceptable as it does not interfere with spirituality in any possible way. Its just one perspective of it.

This reminds me of a friend who got a bit shocked when I spoke to him about reincarnation and previous lives. He said: You really believe in past lives?? So you dont believe in the theory of evolution?? And I was like: Why do they need to be separate? They are the same thing. Reincarnation IS evolution on a physical, mental and spiritual level. This does not interfere with science in any way different than the terms in which it is exposed.
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Re: Where is the balance of cerebral and spiritual?

maybe its better to ask how we will reincarnate.
l learnt to move outside. reading the energies of postees here helped. these vibrations helped to form patterns that opened to new directions that took me through doors outside.
makes me more curious to learn more.
is there a better word for this than 'spiritual' ?....

not wishing to insult its natural integrity, but, it doesnt quite describe what l am trying to portray when l say 'spiritual'. l must look for a more accurate word.
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Re: Where is the balance of cerebral and spiritual?

Originally in early psychology, there was not that much all these barrier between psychology and 'psychic' etc. Jung was all into this, and the whole concept of 'psychic energy' is at the root of all psychology since freud, and need to remember freud also came from phrenology, hypnosis, and he was bathed also in the whole esoteric / theosophist motion of his time, much like jung, and they are the two father of psychology.

After it's clear there has been motion in the line of more newtonian view of casualty that bind psychology to a casualty chain, especially to explain impact of trauma on the psyche, and it can suffocate a bit the creative aspect of the psyche too.

Originally in greek sense, there is not much difference between psyche and spirit. From what i got, the psyche was the greek term for the egyptian spirit, but they seperated the meaning in greek because their concept differed from the egyptian system of KA / BA etc In this context the psyche is really the seed of the christian concept of spirit or the closer that can be found in this period.

Studying the mechanics of the mind is also the goal of budhism, and the daila lama make very interesting comment on the junction of psychology/science and spirituality in cognitive science, especially related to cognitive therapy (CBT).

https://www.dalailama.com/news/post/104- ... -the-brain

How Thinking Can Change the Brain

The Dalai Lama, who had watched a brain operation during a visit to an American medical school over a decade earlier, asked the surgeons a startling question: Can the mind shape brain matter?

Over the years, he said, neuroscientists had explained to him that mental experiences reflect chemical and electrical changes in the brain. When electrical impulses zip through our visual cortex, for instance, we see; when neurochemicals course through the limbic system we feel.

But something had always bothered him about this explanation, the Dalai Lama said. Could it work the other way around? That is, in addition to the brain giving rise to thoughts and hopes and beliefs and emotions that add up to this thing we call the mind, maybe the mind also acts back on the brain to cause physical changes in the very matter that created it. If so, then pure thought would change the brain's activity, its circuits or even its structure.


The kind of change the Dalai Lama asked about was different. It would come from inside. Something as intangible and insubstantial as a thought would rewire the brain. To the mandarins of neuroscience, the very idea seemed as likely as the wings of a butterfly leaving a dent on an armored tank.

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