Indigo Society Community Guidelines

Indigo Society represents a community of people from very different backgrounds and with very different beliefs who have the right to express themselves freely here.

The following guidelines are to protect the freedom of the members, the good use of the website and the community.

Please follow these guidelines if you want to use and be part of Indigo Society.

1. Be respectful and tolerant with other users, the website moderators and admins. Indigo Society is a spiritual community with many different beliefs and ideas which are not the same for everyone and everyone has equal right to express their beliefs here without being attacked for it. By using this network, you agree to respect everyone's right to express their ideas and beliefs freely and safely. You are free to disagree and to express your own opinions and ideas about any topic as long as you respect other members and their freedom. This is a place to discuss and to share. This is not a place to force your beliefs on others or to attack them for thinking different than you.

2. Do not post harmful content anywhere on the site such as pornographic, bloody disturbing images, spam links or links pointing to unsafe websites or any harmful content for the website. This content will be deleted and the account can be banned or deleted because of this. Google and other major search engines ban this type of content and the websites containing it and they affect the user experience and performance of the site.

3. We reserve the right to delete user accounts or fake accounts which are made for trolling, constantly bullying others and constantly attacking the website. It is ok to get angry sometimes and to have a discussion from time to time; however, being constantly attacking others is seen as a threat to the community. Your freedom is your own responsibility here. Great levels of freedom require great levels of responsibility and wisdom for a community to share one place.

4. You may use your signature and the share - trade section of the forums to give exposure to your website or to your own products or services like your own blog, project, readings, art or music for sale for example. Please do not post commercial links anywhere on the site except for your signature or the share - trade section and link only to your own website and to your own products or services that you create and represent.

5. Please post only your own content on the website. This includes text and images. Or make sure such content belongs to the public domain or to a CC license which allows to distribute content freely (sometimes you may need to link to its original source). The reason behind this is to avoid possible copyright conflicts. All content posted here are the sole opinion and responsibility of the poster. Each member is responsible for his/her own posts and content uploaded and for any possible repercussions from uploading any content. However, you can post/share links to any other relevant content online you want.

6. By posting on Indigo Society, you agree to grant the website a soft license of the content that you post. This does not mean that Indigo Society can take your posts and make a product and profit from it or from your work. This means that the content belongs to Indigo Society to be used only inside of the website in the form of its content and history.

7. You may give opinions or suggestions on the "feedback" or "contact us" section. You may report posts and accounts that you consider abusive, disruptive or harmful to the community. We encourage you to do so. Please report any type of abusive behavior here and help us keep this community safe.

8. Please do not use Indigo Society if you are not willing to meet the guidelines. If there is something in particular you do not agree with regarding the community guidelines, please contact the admin or moderators and discuss your ideas with them; needless to say, in a respectful way. Rude, demanding and offensive requests will most likely be ignored.

Thank you.
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