How to use this website

This website is designed to be as simple and easy to use as possible.

Creating a post or topic - Finding and reading existing conversations.

After you login or register, you can create any topic or post in any existing topic in any of the existing public forums. You may search specific subjects and conversations related to some keywords by using the search button right next to your profile icon. You may also find "unread posts", "unanswered topics" and "active topics" to explore on the dropdown icon located on the right side next to your profile icon in the header area. Another way to check out conversations is to simply browse the different forums. You will also find two rows with the most recent topics at the footer section of this website.

When making a post or topic, you may use smileys in the bottom right corner of the posting window. You may also edit the text using the bbcodes available.

Reporting abusive topics, conversations and accounts.

If you find an abusive post you may report it using the "report this post" option inside the post window or you may use the contact section on the footer of this website.
We encourage you to do so.
You may send suggestions and feedback or you may report bugs and errors using the contact section or the public feedback forums.

Footer area.

You may find the member list, the list of admins and moderators and the contact us section at the end of the footer of the website. Also the FAQ regarding the functionality of the website.

If you still need support, then please contact us.
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