I have had some beautiful experiences with spirit through my life. Channeling spirit is one of those, beautifull but mind blowing at the same.

That feeling of warmth and illumination as they speak through you is awesome.

I used to wonder where did i go when this happened. Did i just disappear and they took over. I now realise that this wasn't the case. I am not solid or mass i am an illusion i don't exist therefore spirit is not speaking through me i am the spirit.😇
We are all spirit.

LOve cheeneka x
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I agree. We are all Spirit.

I believe we can all channel when we connect more to Source.
For example: I do not consider myself a channeler. When it comes to my activities, I am more artistic and creative than spiritual. But sometimes it has happened to me, many times actually, that I channel other spirits through myself. I do not necessarily feel like I have control over this. I think they "pick me" to deliver a message maybe because they know im open.

Last time this happened was early this year, around january. I was having a conversation with a dear friend about spiritual topics and about the loss of his wife who has caused him great pain. Then it happened, her spirit wanted to deliver him a message right in that moment. It was a loving and positive one. I gave the message to my friend.

Did he believe me or not? I do not know. I simply gave him the message.

But then some other times I have channeled higher vibrational spirits and few times low ones. I think this is a natural condition to us, we are all a mass of energy and consciousness: Spirit. So we all have this connection to it I think. I think anyone open and sensitive enough can channel Spirit.
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