Re :My Friend Psi

Good evening, Psi. these times of enmeshing, downsubmerging, o ne in pulse geared and grounding. now I want to commune some time with you, m'love.

:: Sun and Moon, Southern Cross and the Evening & Morning star that is the same star of Venus.::

I appreciate the adaptability, the apparent adjustments -- though in a way often it is we who are moving -- not the situation so much as our relation to the situation haha. you know I had afull day hiking and talking and discussing and I think now I'll have alie down and go thud.

:: sleep and dream wild::
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Re :My Friend Psi

Well, it's been two weeks Psi, LOL quite a thud lie down. felt not 'on' to talk.... but now I wonder if that was not so wise, considering then it will highlight as you are you or you are I. . . if you come to me converse in my dryness and tiredeness and 'offness'. that You ARE.

::db8dkcg dk::

heh, scrolled up there where it says YOU ARE... you know though what typed htere kind of rude if interp..... should I not interp? :P

::I h ad highlited those issues for you the other day.::

the giant greatness and the Armenian nation kept by letting go, and Moby dick in Oxford and the envy and how notions of peculiarity can loom monstrous in the leaning mind..... yeah and tonight a sobering assessment and letting it go if it is not good or unhurtful. yes you did but that was also some wading through stuff I weeded out.

:: the reflective mother is the warrior leader organising commander. they unite and fight for unity and peace. the bird can drive her own cat away. they shame the enemy for incarcerating the hero of unity::

travlers took to winding ways...... are you suggesting an action? It hought that east vs west post was interesting. Is that their plan? or a fluke? How to take it.... advise psi?

:: he will be startled, but with meeting enthusiasm will be willing to try that new thing again. back stage away from the publicity hype.::

is that going to happen then? the turn-about? the page is blank? am I off kilter?

::Collin's son 10 ::

yeah if we'd known could have worked out together. someone told me they told the idiot though and he failed to pass it on..... there am I clutching the wasp now?

:: screwstem::

appologies :) parrot says "heh?" quisical. He just cleanly ripped out the broken feather and cast it down and wagged his tail. Heh is he letting go of the broken and grooming up polishng what is clear? hehe then shall I let it go and be the voice venue of hope and healing should any lift the stone from my well?

:: Nyssa:: what about?
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Re :My Friend Psi


::docb[ dcv sf'::

you know, you're getting us back to pre-spaghetti-frog situation with that....

:: through past the frog then, like a guidebook that is only helpful if you both 1) sort of know what you're looking at, but also 2) don't know what you're looking at really is. Ascension -- lots of aquatic insects deposit their eggs over the water on living plants. Out of the water, en masse, at night.::

Vesper mass?

:: yes, the source from which they fall into the subconscious, but they are to leave the subconsious again when they mature and transform.::

thank you sanity that reconciles a lot, sort of.

:: thunder vibration triggers the larvae who are ready to pupate; they leave the water and transform::

so periodically catalyzers are presented to call the 'faithful' as you put it.

:: identification of different kinds -- each called good to thrive After Its Kind. I love diversity.::

Got it :)
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Re :My Friend Psi

What am I thinking?

:: without an electric field the electrons move in a sraight line, but if a field is present the path curves due to the acceleration of electric field forces. and you are thinking of those waves on the water, how if they flowed at perfect right angles to each otehr they did not interact with each other. and you thought how many perpendicular dimensions are out there sliding right through us barely intercepting. and what happens if you turn those fields just a bit off-perpendicular. and how a wheel can turn one direction of travel to another so curving smoothly without 'breaking' it is dimensional transformationw hcih is all being and time and motion is. and now what I think -- the frog drops the feather in the middle of the electric field between oppositvely charged plates.... that very feather that was plucked earlier. and will you now inquire into Gauss and his law.::

So the feather is the field? with the feather the electron curves slightly from acceleration, without the feather it just runs straight? The feather is felt influence. Um.... Gauss is from german Ganser which meant Gander?! the name originated around Stuttgart and radiated outward regardless of national boundaries. (like young Arthur's stint as a merlinic hawk) Heheh.... field, feather, goose...... Hahahaha!!!!!! :D

:: the flux of one coil links the turns of another.::

you mean turns or terns? ;)

::go back and review the circumstances of the feather ;) ::
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