Nameless- you are right it is just the words, and you have the awareness within you that i speak of, but.... assigning the correct labels and names to things helps to form awareness. to merely say awareness of nothing or the void, does not convey the same meaning as awareness of awareness, or pure awareness that fills the entire universe, and it does not apply "the answer to any focused question". and so this is actually of use to you. I also did not see within you the activation of the awareness that you an focus any question to find the answer. and so i applied it to your awareness of what pure awareness is. thats what i see, and again I could be wrong.

[QUOTE=Light.;1108446]I will let some of your quimz pass because you seem to be on some type of a trail ... many people know me on thiz site I need no introductionz ... you can read some of my old stuff and determine if I am a blind man or the one with eyez wide shut and pineal open ... lol muhahahah!!![/QUOTE]

I'd really appreciate an introduction.
I can help you come up with one.

Re: The mastery of mind and how to attain the power of abundant creation

Physical life and matter come from Source which is an energy field full of Universal Consciousness and creative energy.
We come from that same Source and we are also a mass of energy-consciousness who affects its surroundings and capable of influencing matter.
Our power to manifest abundant creation lies in the programming of our consciousness. Our consciousness shapes our reality so in order to create we must acknowledge this truth and inner connection we have to everything else. To understand why and how we have the potential that we have and once the trust is strong enough, we just create and manifest with the mind, with the energy, with the intentions and of course with the action too. Self awareness is key.

However, sometimes we are just blocked. Sometimes our inner emotional state keep us blocked from achieving what we want. I believe this is because of traumas, mental limiting beliefs and heavy emotional energy blocking our chakras and blocking different aspects of life.

In such cases of helplessness, my answer is inner healing and mental reprogramming. The ways for healing vary a lot for each person, as long as the stuck emotional energy gets release, it does the job.

Above all, self acceptance and patience with ourselves mostly, because there is likely necessary growth to go through in order to "learn" these things.

This is what I believe in at least.

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