The Highest Vibe I've Experienced in Many Years

Greetings: I came across this video following a number of links... putting aside all of the "religious" matters associated with it, my POV, for whatever reason, the frequency coming through it is truly amazing. My approach is that i'm interested in frequencies and not necessarily with the dogma and the "practices" associated with them... I hope you find this helpful !!

Re: The Highest Vibe I've Experienced in Many Years

I found it up lifting. If music has a strong positive emotion attached to it, then its uplifting :)

And no coincidence: I almost never pay too much attention to the lyrics of the songs I listen to. I pay attention to the melodies and feelings I get from them. However, from time to time, when I dig in the lyrics of the music that I love the most, I find that the lyrics also resonate or have a profound effect, even if the language expressed is different that the one in my belief system.
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