The Book of Life

I am presently trying to assist the painter in painting our house

I am at present reminded of the time at school when the pencil/pen would simply drop from my hand. I remember while doing exams that I was incapable of picking up the pencil/pen; I of course was simply physically incapable of finishing exams way back then.

The moral to the story is, accomplishing anything physical for me is a huge accomplishment, especially these days. You simply cannot tell a book by it's cover when the cover is only a preview of what really is within the book itself.

The cover shows I don't take painkillers, this means in accordance to our own book I am not in trauma, certainly not as in as much trauma as people who do take painkillers. I also try to do things without complaint. The cover simply does not tell the whole story or even one part of the story, the cover is what it is, a cover for the story, nothing more.

Does a crippled up body from an accident or a stroke tell the true story of a person?

You simply cannot tell a book by it's cover but many people do, in actuality, a lot of people mistakenly read the cover and perceive that they have now read the book.

Life as whole is like this. The cover shows all we are is of physicality when the book itself tells us so much more, but only if we are willing to desist in perceiving what the cover tells us what the story as a whole is all about..........

I have had a chronic injury since I was six (6) years old. Because of my awareness and connectedness to the book itself instead of the physical cover of the book, I was able to do things in life that I was suppose to be physically incapable of doing. There is simply so much more to the book than it's cover. The cover is limiting, the book itself isn't.

On face value there is a message in what is written here, however, deeper down there is another message, one is of the cover, the other of the book itself. We can either perceive awareness by it's cover or be of awareness by reading the book itself, preferably before we perceive what the book is all about in accordance with it's cover.

Yes, the cover tells one story, the book another, which one do we really want to live life by!!

Re: The Book of Life

I believe we are on a path of self realization. We are on a path of getting to know ourselves for real, who we are, who we really are, and also, our ego role we are playing here and its true purpose and potential (I believe the ego also plays an important role and is part of who we are today).

We do not even fully know ourselves yet. Life itself keep revealing more and more aspects of us that we didnt know about. Hidden strengths that come to the surface during the most difficult times, deep fears and reactions to them that we didnt know about, other incarnations and roles... The subconscious or the Soul memory is full of information about our identity and other cosmic knowledge. Right now we have forgotten. We are on a path of remembrance or self discovery.

If we cannot understand ourselves sometimes, we are in no strong position of judging others by the cover of their book. We may get a glimpse, sometimes empathy makes it possible to understand others a bit. But usually what we see in others, be it good or bad, what we perceive in others, has a great deal to do with how we perceive ourselves inside. People and situations usually work as mirrors for us. So, when we think we know another person´s life and identity based on the cover of the book, when we judge by it, we are self projecting.

What we judge, is what we see in us; the person acts like a mirror to our Soul. We get to know ourselves with our interactions with the World and its people too.
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