About the cosmic energy gate of August 8th, 2017

I read online on few blogs that we supposedly entered a very important cosmic gate on August 8th. I read that this brings very intense, new energy which affects everyone on Earth. It was said that we are "officially entering the Age of Aquarius" and "leaving the old Earth behind".

First: I must say that I know almost nothing about astrology. I believe the cosmos in interconnected and influenced by cosmic energy so I do believe that at least some astrology resonates with the events and changes we experience in life; but also as a whole, as a planet.

That being said, I did feel an intense change and deep emotions coming to the surface to be dealt with. Early in the morning on August 8th, both me and my brother got a bit sick at the same time. Then some deep emotions came to the surface: Feeling deeply lost, un-loved, un-accepted, the anger and defensiveness from it, fear... I hadnt felt this way in a long time. I had been feeling generally strong, cheerful and confident until the last days when it all changed and I experienced these deep buried emotions again.

So, as usual for me, what I did was to heal and to release as much as I could until I started to feel good about myself again. I take this as a great chance to explore myself better and to deeply heal my Soul. To resolve stuck issues and to let go, in peace. I am still in the process though but feeling soooo much better now, lighter, not done yet though.

It also seems that these emotional changes are affecting some other people in these last days. I have observed and spoken about this with others and some seem to be experiencing similar things.

I wonder if its true that we entered a very important cosmic gate (or whatever name you want to use for it) and that we are leaving the old Earth behind and really embracing change and evolution at a more speedy rate. Also time seems to be going way faster now, its crazy. I felt this energy change and still dont even know how to adapt to it, for now im relaxing and healing and becoming lighter in energy and emotions because this is all I know I can do right now.

Intense moments seem to be coming.

I also had a vivid dream about this. The message of the dream, the way I interpret it, was something like: "Times are here, evolve or fall. By "evolve" it meant to purify, to cleanse heaviness. To leave the past behind and embrace change". The dream was graphic, it didnt contain words, just images, but this is what I got from it.

I say: Whatever changes come, whatever happens, stay strong, go for the goodness in life and flow. Do not let shadows get to you, heal them and evolve.

Re: About the cosmic energy gate of August 8th, 2017

For sure that the change is real, you can feel it in the last new os natural disaster happening around the world. Is so much like that, that I sow even floods in areas like the Middle East, in countries like Yemen, that it supposed that is in a dessert. We just have to wait, what kind of wonderful things the universe have for us. But for sure that the world, and the human been, and even all the natural life inside the earth, like the trees, animals what ever any form of life, will be touched by this energy in someway, and the world will not bee the sam after this.
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