real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

namaste min venn
I call you all "friend" because in the world I would have all folk could truly be friend to one another. Even though this is not that world, I choose to persist in my choice to treat all in first meet as "friend" rather than an unknown. Perhaps, in some views, that makes me gullible as it opens me to finding out that such is not the case...but I would counter that while in the 90% of time that it proves to be true, the other 10% more than balances out the median and thus I feel like I am further ahead in the world. And besides, the jaded view of life is truly dated....

That being said, I am in the midst of helping one here and thus I think it is something that I should share. As a place to get started, from the stand point of my practice, these are some basic things. If they help you, then great.....if not, then perhaps you are not reading into the context here as well as you should? I have title of this thread set as it is mainly because; in my nearing to 40 years of walking in this world, I have yet to encounter an instance where folks did not attempt to capitalize on wisdom. Since I am firmly of the belief that one of the foremost fundamental ills in this world stems from the existence of "capital" in any of it's forms, the most brusque and salacious thing I can think to do is offer actual wisdom and learning without a price-tag attached. I post here, as I have, for nearing to 10 years by the site's counter (though in actuality more like nearing 12 years, since the original invocation of indigosociety had a couple hiccups and my original join date would have been in late 2006/early 2007) with entire intention that follows a few simple strictures:
I am aware that my specific beliefs and life experiences may not have any relative impact on anyone besides myself.
My experiences are my own, one may take the exact same steps and thus have an entirely different experience...that is actually more probable than not because of how the spheres of reality/ether and their interactions between each other actually work.
As such; you are free to criticize or comment upon that which I say but with the knowledge that in doing so you have read the above and are logically capable of understanding what it implies...and also, if I may request, you do so with a sense of honor, dignity, ethical standing, and maturity. You are not "required" to believe a single word that I write, you are absolutely entitled to have your own beliefs and creeds...but I truly believe in that which I share. As I accord respect and dignity to my digression from that which you may believe, I ask that you accord me the same.
As a sub-note to the above: even if what I have to say does not directly assist you but, instead, inspires you (for positive or negative) to THINK and thus delve deeper into any specific subject then if you would be so kind to do so...let me know? I am absolutely capable of talking to and working with people from all walks of life and happy to discourse and debate (in a respectful fashion) as long as the overall intent is to achieve better understanding. If all you have to say is "this is xyz and I don't believe it because xyz!" then I respectfully accept your opinion and I ask that you relay whatever you feel is necessary to me, specifically, without intention to derail this thread.

Okay, all that to the side now...let's actually begin:

So, the current question topic is about astral projection. How to do it, how to contact those whom have passed on, etc. To that specific situation I have the following to share:
first I would suggest you read this post: -

following understanding of that, there is this:

For this, there are a couple different things you can try before trying projection or other methods. How experienced are you with metaphysical work? Have you worked with any specific things (crystals, circles, Gnostic work, Wiccan rituals, etc)? I am happy to try to help you but in order to best do so I need to know a bit more about you and the situation.

after a reply, we have the following set of question which is also applicable to anyone wishing to extend beyond simple metaphysical work and work with things such as astral projection/dreamwalking/shamanism:

When I was young and my Grandmother started teaching me seiðr-ways she would ask me about my dreams. Specifically, she would ask if there were any animals that appeared in my dreams? If so, what animals? How often did they appear in my dreams? When they did, what did they typically do? How did I feel about them? And so, since I do not know your age, I will ask you the same....assuming you are older than this, starting when you were about say 6 did any of the above questions apply? Animals appearing in dreams, specifically any animal in specific showing up in more than one dream? If so, what did they do? How did you feel about them? How did you react to them in the dream(s)?
While it may seem strange to ask the above, the reason is that in the shamanistic view of the world we have not only elemental influences in our metaphysical makeup, but also animal influences...spirit guides...etc. In order to best help you move forward having a basic understanding of those things in terms of how they relate to you specifically will help me to better understand how to help you approach the solution to your request.

The second thing i would mention is stones. You note that you have worked with crystals, and that is very good. From that, though, I am going to need a bit more insight. Stones can be guides and allies, much as can spirit animals, herbs, etc.....but stones have their own energy and ways of working that one must learn. Some folk have affinity for stones, some sadly do not. The crux of that seems to pivot around the difference between whether the person is capable of calming their mind enough to take in what a stone is communicating versus not being able to do so. In today's world with so many things going on all the time, and constant bombardment by electronic devices and their emanations, it is harder than ever to calm the mind enough to be able to truly focus on something as subtle and quiet as the communication from a stone. But if you can do so, a whole new range of possibilities opens for you. Stones can be profoundly powerful in your works, which is why some stones were much preferred over others by our ancestors (because the value of a thing had more to do with how it made a person feel or what it did for them than simply the status of possessing it). Thus, I will ask: Which stones do you feel a connection with? What stones do you currently have that you work with as a metaphysical practice? Do you cleanse your stones to rid them of unwanted or negative energy after working with them? If so, how? If not, why? Do you make circles or patterns with your stones? Do you feel inclined to carry specific stones with you at different times? Do you find stones in the wild, like while you are on a stroll....or do you go to shops, etc. to purchase specific stones?

These are a start along the path of seiðr. While it has many names across many more cultures, the concept is the same.

for those who already have eyes to see, and have held this knowledge from all, I pity will never succeed fully in your endeavors, no matter what you do
for those that do not have those eyes and happen here: open your eyes and SEE...learn what it is to SEE, not only one another but the world around will find it desperately needs you...

Namaste, In Lak'ech Ala K'in
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

Dagur breytinga - Day of Change

Namaste min venn, I hope today finds you all well and good. Today marks a change in things as many know
what that change is and how far reaching it will be is yet to be determined of course
existence within the myriad of possibles that converge to form each of our singular "Now" means that there is no set course
until the course is set

I, for one, feel this is a harbinger of good things.
I felt the coolness in the air, as Nana-Suen/Sin/Luna/Mani shrouded Sol, the experience was electrifying
Although around the country I live in, and around the world, there is much upset and much negative
I hold to hope, as I have learned to, that the Path forward for all of us leads to wisdom
to change for the better, to knowledge, to improvement of ourselves and our neighbors

adumbrae et lumis otium
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Re: real world info and metaphysical knowledge (without a pricetag, imagine that?!?)

In La'Kech is a Mayan phrase that Domingo Martínez Parédez (1904–1984) translated as "In Lak'ech" ("You are my other I.") (Martínez 1964: 26-27). The phrase is a verbal representation of the fact that Monadic Consciousness is interconnected within a Fabric of Consciousness. Like the Hindu phrase Namaste it is an acknowledgement of our shared, collective, Divinity.
- Wikipedia nov2017

This singular phrase that contains so much was a pivotal point in my own awakening.
When I truly became able to think, muse, contemplate and feel the warp and weft of the Algorithm it was there
It became a truth that I learned, ingested, and hold to
for in truth we are all connected, we are all one

Today I happened, probably not by coincidence (because those things are fallacy) upon this and I would share it with you:
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