I find it is not always possible to love everyone unconditionally sometimes.
Yet i do believe that the people we have friction with serve a purpose.
I try to love the spirit behind the person.
That person I believe is a part of me, one with spirit.
I learn from each and every experience and I guess that is the purpose of all experience.


I think also a lot of friction has to do with knowledge and wisdom.

Knowledge is knowing what to say.

Wisdom is knowing when to say it.

Knowledge is learning something new everyday.

Wisdom is letting go of something everyday. :)


I think some people like to preach. They don't want to discuss especially with people who disagree with their perspective. They get angry and lash out while being deceptive in saying they are neutral. This is their way. Simply a neutral observation on my part. :)


When words lose all meaning and all reasonable efforts have been exhausted then I think the only thing to do is, light a candle, say a prayer, send love, light and healing. There is no such thing as darkness, just an absence of light.


Our own mind can be and often is, our own worst enemy. I think when we lose the enemy in our mind then we lose all enemies. An imagined enemy can be very real to our mind and it takes a lot of real hard inner searching to be able to find the imagined in a mind where the lines of reality and imagined are blurred.

Delusions of persecution causes torment and pain and is very real in the mind that views the world through this perception.

The shadow side can only be brought to light when the light is shone brightly on the shadow. The shadow side does not want to be found or seen and so it hides even deeper in the shadows. It will try to dim the light anyway it can and will continue to do so and so the light and the shadow go round and round in circle,s until the shadow realises that it is also of light and that it has been fighting itself and not others.

Serenity and peace of mind are to be found in stillness, they are to be found within.
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