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I am still not sure how to leave the description to be honest. I am in the process of making it more visible on search engines based on what people search in there. Indigo children forum is a search term that is related to the content here; but I am still not sure, im still exploring how to do this.
What you mean the site is going on a different direction though? Do you have any suggestion on this?

Re: Indigo children forum

Thanks Tim.
Well, the idea is not really to attract children here :D
I guess you are right. It also seems that it may be good to give this site a slightly new direction, a more open one but keeping its essence.
And yes this work takes some time, right now im working on optimizing the site for search engines and the idea is to invite more people once its a bit more organized; this takes time but im working on this.

Just for the record: I am always open to listening to suggestions and ideas from the people interested in this place; otherwise I will proceed however I feel is best, but dont be afraid to speak out and give feedback or suggestions as it is of my interest that you guys feel happy and comfortable while in here, if possible.
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