Does anybody experience this too before?

Today I tried to meditate.. It's been a long time since I have properly meditate, I have forgotten what does it feels like...

First, I lighted up this Lavender scented candle, then I place it on my table beside my bed.
I spread my crystal around the candle (rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and turquoise making a triangular arrangement)
I switched off all the lights and sat on my bed, facing this candle. Then I focused on the fire.. I can see it's energy burning out and spread around the room slowly. When suddenly, I notice I had a vision of myself sitting, just like what I was doing and then, the chakra lights up. The root, red; the sacral, orange; solar plexus, yellow; heart, green; throat, blue; third eyes; indigo; and the last one.. The crown, it supposed to be purple in color but in my vision, as it is located on top of my head, it is white color and it blends around my body, creating an aura. I've mentioned before that my aura is white in color somewhere in this forum.

Then I got this vision I was in a spiral of my aura and when I looked up, there is a portal to a dimension. I went up and find myself in "No where", It looked like space but what I see is not a star.. It's the other dimension and there are billions, or even trillions, and uncountable of them. Next, I have this thought asking myself, "Where do I want to go? Which dimension I want to explore?". Then I told myself, "the dimension where I've always been in my sleep. Where did I go when I sleep". Then suddenly I felt this shocked feeling, I was snapped out of it and I was still sitting in my room. After that, I tried over again but all I get was another vision.. In a room, at the corner, glass door, sun light, the warm, the sweet grass smell, sitting on a soft carpet watching the outdoors. Some kind of a past life memory, I guess?

Every time I meditate, I've always encounter so much vision. I tried to list down all I can remember in my notes. I can barely meditate in a proper way.

I was wondering if any of you guys have ever experience this too?
I am me :D

Re: Does anybody experience this too before?

This seems fascinating.

I have been very curious about previous lives for a long time. Have had few visions and memories so far but I want to explore more this aspect. For some reason I am very much into it because they help understand a lot of what is happening during this life.

I find it too hard to meditate though, at least in a "proper way". My mind is never really quiet and I dont like to force it. There is a thin line between being awake and being asleep. Few times I have been on this line and have got interesting visions, messages and insight. But I find it hard to control anyways.

Do you think you were having an astral projection?

Re: Does anybody experience this too before?

As you know when you meditate you focus on the breath and nothing else since i dont know how long you meditated before you stopped i assume you forgot some of its primary focus, as you are meditating an you experience a thought you distract your self or thought by refocusing on the thought. As for what it feels like its like you been asleep but you have not you feel more relaxed and focused and your thoughts are more relaxed and in the here and now. i cannot comment on your other experiences as we call experience different things these are normaly only meant for that individual weather its an highier teaching from a greater dimension. just lets say when you meditate it increases you psychic experience which all possess but generally dont use for fear of one thing or another anyway all the best

Re: Does anybody experience this too before?

Thank you @Red Violet 3 and @Mastervu for giving your thoughts to me! :D

@Red Violet 3 : Yes, I think we had an astral projection for a moment. I think we should practice more to be able to control this thing. Might lead us to a useful vision one day <3

@Mastervu : Thank you for the info! I don't really know that some people experience a different kind of encounter during their meditation until now. May I know how was yours, if you don't mind :D
I am me :D

Re: Does anybody experience this too before?

Yes my astral travel is not with my physical body it had taken research and understanding of how it works although there is a lot of info out there it must be easier for me that way. I have tried the other way but it must be due to my age now not sure only way I can explain is if you try to hard nothing happen this does not make me feel disappointed though

Re: Does anybody experience this too before?

Yes apart from I put meditation can induce weird and wonderful things nothing to be afraid of. When you been meditating for some time it may all stop but that does not mean its not working . I have this idea it can awaken your psychic self also if you have astral travel experience this means your consious mind is aware of it.
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