Understanding life purpose...

I believe we chose to come to this reality with a purpose, or with different purposes behind.

Life purpose, or purposes, will vary from one person to the other one as life is a personal journey of evolution. Evolution that comes when a consciousness has lived and experimented life in its many different forms.

Here we are, in this reality, in this year 2017, living here. Some have a clear purpose or goal to reach while some are still uncertain of which is their life purpose. We are living times of awakening and transition and I believe knowing or having an intuition of where we are going in this life is very helpful in the process. Otherwise, we would probably be considered "lost souls"...

The exact purposes in life are personal for each person. However, I see 2 main ideas which sometimes are in conflict and they can get a bit confusing sometimes:

Is the purpose to get to a point of no ego or to get to a point of freedom of self? This may sound weird but I will try to explain a bit...

If the purpose for this awakening is to achieve a state of no ego, to dissolve with the whole Universal Energy and to reach a state of pure awareness, why would we need a body, an identity, a self... A purpose? Can the purpose be to incarnate into a human consciousness in order to release it an dissolve into the Whole? If so, whats after it?

If the purpose is to experiment freedom and to express ourselves freely, just the way we are, then we would be limited within an ego. We would have an individual personality, mentality, faults, values, talents, a body of our own. Basically, we would be an ego expressing itself freely.

Both options sound quite good if you ask me; but it seems to me as if they could create friction to each other.

Is the choice to accept our human condition and to express it freely, without any cultural or mental limitations as it is experienced by some now, after coming from ages of supression? Do we have this right? Do we allow this freedom in ourselves?

If the choice is to let go of all ego, then what happens with the individual expression? What happens with our personality? I wish someone could explain to me whats the purpose in letting go of all ego while incarnated into a human-like consciousness. Why not staying as Spirit which is our part connected to the Whole then?

I do believe that we have both parts, we have our ego and we have Spirit. I do believe we are constantly evolving. I do believe that eventually, we will dissolve our ego and get to a point of evolution by becoming perfect awareness in Spirit. But me personally, I do not feel like forcing an ego to disappear can bring any peace. Maybe im wrong, I am on a learning process.

I think acceptance and freedom of expression brings peace, balance and happiness into a human experience. I observe this in people who are genuinely happy. They are not perfect; they dont want or need to be. They are just peaceful in who they are as an individual.

Re: Understanding life purpose...

Releasing ego is freedom. It's tricky to grasp, i admit. In my mind releasing ego gradually is a one step at a time procedure. It doesn't mean we should be doormats of everyone. But release needs of the ego that can make us slaves, of our desires ond others. An example : I (ego) like to be liked, accepted etc. What do i need for this ? If i need fancy clothes and e-gadgets so i can be fashionable, then i am a slave of my ego's desire to be fanciful. I release this need and i break a chain. This brought me a LOT of peace, really ! This is just an example.
All i post is only my personal beliefs, in no way i say it's true, just what makes some sense to me. About the reason we incarnate into material bodies and we must climb the mountain from individuality to collectiveness and then joining the Whole, i believe we must experience this state of existence fully first, then we abolish the need for individuality only when the right time comes. If we don't fully experience the material, then our souls could eternally wonder what would it be like, a yearning for it would forever remain in our spirits. So maybe it's like satiating a curiosity of the Spirit, to fully experience the Matter, then say "been there, done that" after maybe many incarnations.
Just personal theories, have a nice day :)

Re: Understanding life purpose...

I agree with what you said.

A Soul must experience life completely, everything. Thats why we have many different incarnations with so many different roles. We have killed, we have been killed, we have loved, we have been loved, we have been rich, we have been poor, we have been slaves as well as rulers, etc.
This sounds more like a spiritual videogame :)

That is why each Soul is on a different path, with different needs or lack of needs, according to its level of experience and consciousness.
Right now, I feel like my Soul wants me to experience life fully, abundantly. So I am in my process, still caught up in ego but not trying to deny it, but to live it. I do have some needs and desires; I want to experience this physical world as much as I can, everything that it has to offer; even few things seen as "taboo". Who cares! Life is a game anyways; a game meant to be lived ;)
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