I personally think that perception of reality is important when trying to understand aspects of the cosmos and it's inner workings. If I say that I have perceived this reality from the outside in rather than the inside out then, that is my reality. If you haven't experienced this then it cannot be your reality but it is definitely mine. Everyone has a different reality and no one else can experience our reality except us.

If while seeing from the outside in, while still in human form, gives me insights that I would never otherwise have experienced then my reality is from a different perception to someone who has not had this experience.

Also if I have seen this reality from a spiritual perception and I say that it doesn't exist as we humans see it then again this is my reality, my experience.

perceptions are different for everyone, everyone has a different reality. It doesn't make any reality better or worse they are just different realities. There is definitely more to the cosmos than a human and spirit reality there are realities that we have not experienced yet.

The answer to all reality lies within us and we cannot experience these realities with the intellect, we can only experience these realities with spirit because they are not physical realities as nothing is physical it just appears that way through our physical eyes again my perception of reality.

Therefore there cannot be a wrong or right way to perceive anything because it depends on our perception of reality at any given time.

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