for one thing crystals need to be cleansed often, like by putting them under cold running water (make sure that the crystal won't dissolve in water), salt and the light f the full moon, once you get a crystal you need to cleanse it immediately no matter where you got it from.
Some people also consider it rude if you touch their crystals... you mess with their energy that has been put into the crystal.
Crystals have different metaphysical properties, so if you need a crystal for something specific you need to do a lil research....
They also have a tendency of choosing you instead of the other way around... if this happens the go with it, if possible.... it's like they know you need them even before you do.
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I know what you mean because I was chosen by a numerous amount of opal
while walking on a nature hike. I went to the rock shop to ask if I was correct
about my find and they told me it wasn't what I thought it was. Later on I found
out that it was opal.
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Re: Are You Into Crystals

ElenaN wrote:
Fri Nov 03, 2017 1:17 pm
Hey guys! I have been wearing lately some crystals for energy and creativity but I haven't noticed anything. Do you really believe that they actually help?
Hi, how long have you used them for? I think they are usually very subtle. What kind of crystals are you using? I think some of them at least do help; all the ones that belong to the quartz family. Are you looking to work on your third eye chackra? I think this is the one for creativity and intuition.
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Re: Are You Into Crystals

I'm pretty sure the salt lamps work. Not exactly a crystal but somewhat related.
My wife put one behind the couch where I sit and watch TV sometimes. Then I noticed that my headaches were decreasing and it was pretty sure it's a lava lamp that was helping because I read that they can help with headaches. And that was after I noticed it made a difference so It wasn't the power of suggestion
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