precious wrote:Take a hike down a long fall. Just because you're so cute you think all the girls will follow you? Well, I got news for you. We already went through the void and all that. Go away. We're not into twin flames anymore. It's droll and played out.
Your reply confuses me. I apologize if a loss in translation has occured. The only solution I have come to is that whoever you thought I was might have made sense of your reply. I don't even know what these twin flames are you speak of.

Much love,

It's amazing how much difference reading aloud can make. I've read this dozens of times before, but never aloud until tonight. It's also truly amazing how you can take away a different message with every reading. Thank you so much, Grounded Gifts.

I feel really good after reading that letter. I'm one of the ones that teared up, I can feel the vibrations better too. :)
Oddly enough, I think that's what's going to get me to kick my butt into gear today.

Re: Letter To The Indigos

That was such a good read. Thx man. :)

Especially because the letter adresses our problem of being disappointed by people hiding their truth all the time. It is so spot on! And it provides us with the answer: Allow urself to be compassionate and raise ur vibration. Period.

Great stuff. :)

Re: Letter To The Indigos

We would like to thank you for the sharing of your words. It is our intention to provide those who honour the World by being a transmitter of sorts to our words. If it were any other post that is read here, it is likely that this post provides information required to bring the idea of Love into the conversation. I am wanting to always advise that what you have pointed out is exact and to the point...LOVE. Love shall overcome all the hatred that surrounds our World of Worlds here and we therefore would like to comment here that if you DO want to share this type of information before the World at large, it is incumbent upon all to heed the words of the Wise Ones and listen with your heart and soul, not the head, where things get distorted as a type of misinformation. I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for your wealth inside and out and are determined to provide further coverage of this time and this place before the world at large falls flat on its face. This isn't mean't as a criticism of those who find themselves purer than pure. This is mean't for those who are searching TRUTH as opposed to the untruths of the Earth (as you fondly reference here) and that we are not only delighted but above all we are SO delighted that this type of Letter to The Indigoes provides a Love that cannot be comprehended if you are not on a path of Light and Love in our wondrous Universe and All That Is. Wishing all a lovely day of Love and Light and Love and Light.

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