White DNA Is An "Abomination" -- A Sprightly Discussion Highlighting The Misapprehensions Of The Untermenschen :)

First of all even the modestly insightful realize the agenda involved here and who is behind it -- divide&exterminate by the usual psychopaths is always on tap. In any event the video is presented by an intelligent and well spoken young weisses Frauelein, and of interest...


And, certainly not wholly off point

indigo-cafe/an-assuredly-unpc-take-on-t ... l#p1958379

P.S. On the pop music scene - a very charming, unusually white, Norwegian Aryanette Leo that i just discovered -- quite talented with that unmistakable Lioness perkiness...


And the Danish Leo Aryanette of note

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WUcXQ-- ... K0y1RT6M68

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