America's New Nomads: Increased Home Rental Costs And Middle Class "Woes"

The joys of modern life in a non sh**hole (current popular word of the month, eh)?...

"Millions of Americans are wrestling with the impossibility of a traditional middle-class existence. In homes across the country, kitchen tables are strewn with unpaid bills. Lights burn late into the night. The same calculations get performed again and again, through exhaustion and sometimes tears.

Wages minus grocery receipts. Minus medical bills. Minus credit card debt. Minus utility fees. Minus student loan and car payments. Minus the biggest expense of all: rent.

In the widening gap between credits and debits hangs a question: which bits of this life are you willing to give up, so you can keep on living?" ... ing-amazon

Re: America's New Nomads: Increased Home Rental Costs And Middle Class "Woes"

Really, idgaf anymore... what are people filthy fighting for? We can all have more but not if we continue to allow this system to exist. That means consciously ending participation in it. Stop working for money, because joe blowed his boss and got a new truck, kissed ass to pay a medical bill... whawtever its all putting your own head into the noose that kills you.
Fuck rent.
Rent means you have no right to piss or eat or sleep or anything unless you've paid for your privilege to exist. No wonder the kids are the way they are, they might as well kill eachother off with all the dumb shit going on.
ASs it is dogs have more right to live than human trailer trash. Katz.
fuck money. thats all it is. pay the rent with your fuckability, they'll fuck you anay way they can, and they do, because they will.
Stake your claim and defend it with your life. thats life, what ever happens. The moment you agree to morte gauge you lose, you lost, they won, you died. The moment you agreed to pay rent you agreed to give up the right to exist, for the privilege to pay to exist. Fuck landlords. idgaf.
You see, life isnt profitable because it cant be controlled in mathematic terms. Life cant be incremented, though consciousness can. Death can be guaranteed and certain, it can be calculated and incremented in profitable ways. That is how this system works for real at the core... everything falls under this regulation.
Good is never a guarantee... jonly the bad, welcome home.
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