My boyfriend thinks some negative entity is trying to attach to him?

Hi everyone, new here I found this forum for the purpose of my post as I have researched and come to not a lot.
You could say my boyfriend has a very high vibrational energy, he practices meditation, yoga and crystal healing.
But for the past year or so he has been lucid dreaming and I think sometimes you can astral project through your dreams? (Correct me if I’m wrong?) He has had encounters with things through dreams and it first started trying to scare him in his dreams by a clown running through hallways jumping out at him but he told it he wasn’t scared and laughed at the clown and he said the clown ran away. He also said then he had multiple dreams of beautiful girls trying to have sex with him which he denies he did, but this one time it was a very beautiful girl who he pushed off him and this girl started running away and while it was running was changing into different people, animals, and beings and he started chasing him but never caught up. Now today I wake up and he tells me he had a dream that he came home and he saw ‘me’ at home with another guy happy and in love with him and he confronted ‘me’ and we ended up sorting it out fast forward and It kisses him, he walked away and it started chasing him telling him not to leave. Today in physical he says he feels hot and then cold, and very very drained. He hasn’t been sleeping a lot in the past week either. Would appreciate if anyone could shed any light on this? Thanks for reading :)

Re: My boyfriend thinks some negative entity is trying to attach to him?

Yes it is possible to have astral projections through dreams. This is very common.
I am no expert in this and I am also learning about these beings, out of my own experiences with them. It does sound like some psychic attacks, or attempts of this from entities towards him. Specially because of him feeling very drained after.
So, I want to share with you my insight or experience with similar beings.
First, let me clarify that I am no expert here. I am in a learning process.
Anyways, I think there is something in his energy, in his aura which is allowing these entities to come to him and bug him like this.
These beings feed off fear and other low emotions that people project. These emotions are their food and their door to get inside one´s life and disturb it in different ways.
Why do these entities want to cause so much harm? Well, because by doing so, they bring or keep the person down to their level and by doing so, they can not only feed off the person´s energy and emotions but also they can coexist as energy parasites.
I know that there are several ways to clear or heal these entity attachments. The idea behind, I believe has to do with healing his own energy, or at least his main blocks / fears / emotional baggage or weaknesses as those would be the access for these beings.

If he wants to release these attachments for good, then he should work on his inner energy. On raising his vibration, his consciousness to a point where he will be immune to them. These beings cannot enter where there is light, they can only enter where there are energetic holes in the aura. Or in other words: They get attracted to darkness, not to light. So the solution is to bring more light into his body and consciousness. Of course this may be a process, not always easy. Right now I am not sure what knowledge or awareness he has regarding this situation.

But in order to start, he could begin by releasing the fear that these entities cause in him. Or the anger or whatever emotions they trigger in him. For example, the next day, when hes drained, what kind of emotions does he display while in that state? Once you know this, then he can clear them from his mind / energy.

There are many different methods to release stuck energy in the body. But I want to advice you to look for "EFT tapping" information on the internet and to apply this technique to help him release his blocks. With a bit of patience and learning how to do this, I really believe he will be able to release these attachments with time.

Re: My boyfriend thinks some negative entity is trying to attach to him?

There are so many different kinds of entities, nearly invisible to the eye, but not wholly invisible to our perception, or our eyes in some cases.
There is factual and ancient information out there. Some of it is old news to anyone it is presented to, the clues, as with everything else ill-luminated are all out there in front of us and we can put them together to make a coherent pattern of what is and isn't real concerning this not unknown field of mysteries.
I don't know everything either. And I dont know where to begin with what i do know about the nature of some of these beings.
LucidDreams, a lot of good advice worth considering.
Red Violet 3, same, a lot of good advice worth considering.

Real or imagined, either way the body and consciousness experience and are physically affected.
I'm reading too many potentials in the original post, too many possible cause and effects, too many plausible scenarios that are more than a little bit difficult to speak of. When you can discern the differences between what it looks like, what it really is, and what is really happening... there are good reasons most people dont know about this stuff, they cant handle knowing the truth of it, I've watched others become enlightened to the truth, but then break upon illumination, some even become dangerous.

One thing i can say for sure is that it is our imagination that interferes with processing these truths, and with any kind of rapport or honest communication with said entities. We're dealing with raw energy information that is painted over by our own mind's imaginations so that we can understand the information in our own terms, barely, and everyone's imagination is different so everyone has a different vision and perspective of the truth and facts.
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