Fire Agate Spiritual and Magic Uses

Some years ago I was still a bit skeptical of the magical properties of natural crystals and stones.
I guess I did not understand them very well back in those days. Today, my perception on them has changed.
Today, I find crystals absolutely beautiful and valuable and I currently collect them.

My main interest in them is of course their metaphysical properties but I also love their colors, beauty and nature.

I believe that there are several ways to find inner healing or self evolution. I believe crystals play a good role regarding this. They are rather a not too complex method of helping balancing ourselves gradually. There are many other methods of course.

Anyways... I want to share with you my personal insight with this amazing and absolutely beautiful stone which is the fire agate. I have used it myself in the last few months and have noticed some things... I believe this one could be one of the most complete and benevolent crystals out there so this is why I want to write about this one first (but there are more coming).

Let me first tell you that this is my personal insight and experience with the use of this crystal. I am no professional therapist or gemologist or anything; just for the record :P

So, the fire agate is the perfect stone for love mainly. For attracting love. I feel this is a very strong characteristic of this stone. This stone will most likely increase the sexual attractiveness in an individual. It will most likely attract romantic love for the person who is using this crystal. Of course there may be exceptions and it can work out different for each person. It also depends on how blocked or unblocked we are, but it helps quite a lot, in my experience.

So, it will most likely attract love, romance and sexuality. It strongly resonates with sexual attractiveness. However, it does not end there... In my experience with this crystal, I believe it also helps with feeling self love. An increase in the feelings of self love and self worth.

So this is an amazing crystal to help open the heart chakra. However, it also works on the second chakra by improving sexuality but also by bringing up feelings of adventure, pleasure, humor and joy. This stone is great to help us appreciate earthly human pleasures and experiences and reduce or heal inner guilt.

I feel like this is a stone for feeling more alive, young and playful. It helps with vitality.

This stone can also gradually unlock blocks which are related to the root chakra (this does not seem to be its main purpose but still it seems to affect also the root chakra and to work on it). The root chakra has to do with survival instincts. So, material issues, a mentality of being poor and disempowered or the fear of death / murder can be gradually released with the use of this stone.

This gives me the idea that this stone, energetically defends life and vitality; also grounding here in the now, in this planet. By this energetic condition, many people believe that this stone has the ability to repel negative intentions and threats sent to the wearer and to send those vibes back to the sender. I believe in this too.

In my experience, it does seem to be a protective stone against negative intentions and seems to attract good people and connections.

I would personally recommend wearing this stone if:
- You feel dead inside and want to come back to being grounded, happy and adventurous about life.
- If you have deep life-threatening fears that keep you blocked or low
- If you want to improve your sexuality, vitality and humor
- If you want to increase sexual attractiveness
- If you want to feel more self love and to attract romantic and sexual love into your life.
- If you want to protect yourself from negative intentions

It will work on you, depending on your own consciousness state and your blocks if you have any.

How to use?
Well, in my experience, I think the best way to use crystals is in the form of pendants or even better, necklaces made out of the stone =)
This way you can wear them every day, all day, even at night.
Another way, is to just get the stone without pendant and to put it under the pillow and sleep on it every night, for as long as you want (no rules here)

Final tip:
If you mix fire agate with amethyst, put them under your pillow and sleep on them, I believe they will work on bringing up an intuitive compassionate mentality over time.

But remember I do not own the truth. I share my insight, my beliefs, my experience. But I am not a guru or "know it all"; rather a curious learning Soul.
I welcome any thoughts on this if you have them.

Cheers :)

Re: Fire Agate Spiritual and Magic Uses

Thanks for sharing your wisdom... LOL, like the curious learning guru soul you are... I'm planning a visit to a local rock and gem shop, they have a fantastic collection i'm sure i can find some suitable fire agate for some pendants I've been making. I usually use fresh water pearls in them but I've been thinking of using some other type of crystals for some variety and to better compliment the different colours.
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