Recently got told I'm an Indigo child

Hello everyone. Ok so as I'm new here I'll just give you a very brief description of why I'm here. I'm just testing the waters to see what kind of response I get as I have no clue how active this site is. Ok here goes....

A couple of months back I went to a Scottish island for a short break out of the blue, just packed a bag and went as I felt I needed some time alone to think and recharge. I chose an air bnb stay there. I liked the sound of the place, it sounded very relaxed, near the coast and the host seemed very chill. I just got a good feel about it as soon as read about the place and her.
Ok so in a nutshell the host and i got chatting on the first evening and she told me her life story. She is half native american indian and as a child she did 'the walk' and is herself an indigo child. She said as soon as she met me she knew I was an indigo child. She said she can sense 'us' instantly and that I have a strong aura presence (if that makes sense?). She said I should research indigo children as I had no clue what she was talking about in all honesty

So since then I've read lots about indigo children and I must admit I fit in very well with most attributes of an indigo child. I'm actually an indigo adult, im 40, born in 1977. And thats why I'm here, I really want to meet other indigo children/adults and share stories and talk about being an indigo because in all honesty it's been quite crazy accepting that I possibly am a little different to most people and when i think back to certain things that have happened in my life of certain things people have said it all makes sense.

So anyway if there is anyone else out there that wants to connect them please get in touch. I'm a 40 year old male who has just found out he is indigo, I work as a carer, I love to travel and I've been told by a half native american indian that I should learn reiki because I have lots of healing power in me. Pretty weird but exciting at the same time. Peace all :) x

Re: Recently got told I'm an Indigo child

Hello, Hobo

Well, if one believes in the indigo phenomenon, then the date of your birth matches with one of the big birth waves of indigo children or souls.
It is said that the first wave arrived at '76/'77.
In that one you would fit.
The others arrived 10 years later.
But despite of these big waves, special or far developed souls has been born at all times as well, just not in that mass you could say.
I believe you have found the right place here, because i guess this site's purpose lies in connecrinf with other souls.

Best Greetings,

Griolet and Ween
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