What would happend if we can mix the sacred geometry with the magic world of fungi mushrooms ?

Hello comunity, today I want to share with you a interesting imaginary game. like the old said "Dreaming is free". Since I read information about the sacred geometry I was amazed. And since I started to read information about the magic world of fungi mushrooms, this caught a lot my attention. So I start to imagine if it would be a way to mix this two interesting and magic field of knowledge. I mean off course that fungi mushrooms are natural creations by itself. But I mean find a way to mix all the power and qualities of sacred knowledge of kibalion and Sacred Geometry to try to create an even more powerfull and special mushrooms. So I can´t said which is the way to do it. But like I said before "Dreaming is free". So in this time I just want to do a imaginary game, of super special and powerfull mushrooms almost divine. Improve it with all the power and qualities of this very ancient and powerfull knowledge of the Kibalion and Sacred Geometry, among others like that. This can even help a lot in medical field. Because this normal funji by itself have a lot of special qualities that can help healing a lot of diferent physical diseases, appart than can be extremely useful in mental diseases. So if this normal fungi mushrooms, can be so special and have all of this possitive qualities and effects, so try to imagine even more divine, powerfull and bigger fungi mushrooms. So like I said the imagination is the limit off our creation, but this two fields of knowledge still having a lot of potential for be discover and explore. Here I leave you a link of a interesting fungi mushrooms.

https://www.ivyroses.com/Biology/Fungi/f ... istics.php

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