Past Lives from WWII?

I feel like I lived during that time and was deeply affected by it. Perhaps I was a victim of sorts. I feel like I tried to help free or keep people safe and hidden from the terrors. However I don’t know if I was caught or not and punished as a result. I, in no way, wish to disrespect the millions that perished and survived.

In this life I was adopted from Russia when I was a baby. When I recently reconnected with my birth family, I learned that my paternal grandfather converted to Judaism and now lives in Israel. He told me that we had distant relatives that fell victim to the Holocaust in the Salaspils concentration camp in Latvia.

I’ve wondered if anyone else experiences these things as a result of having a past life in that time. I’ve had depression since I was about 7 years old or so. I have OCD and sometimes I get a feeling like there are bugs crawling on me or something, I’m very sensitive to lint or loose hair. It feels creepy and crawly. I had an asthma attack when I was a baby and haven’t had one since, although I do get shortness of breath occasionally that the doctor can’t explain.

I would love to learn more of the symptoms anyone else experiences and reach out to this community.

Re: Past Lives from WWII?

HI: First - like you, i'm an "energy sensitive". Such a person can read a person's vibe not only from their presence, but also from their photo and from what they have written. I'm reading your's from this post. It is very high for a human. You need to take very good care of yourself !! Please take a look at my posts and check on those which discuss Reiki and other attunements and other energy practice benefits - there are quite a few, and i hope you find them helpful

Question at hand -- i remember that i was a jr officer in the Wehrmacht last time around, and that memory was supported by 3 psychics, without "coaching". I was working with the branch involved with "psychic and mystical/magical studies" --Vril -- ETs, etc. I was killed in my late 20s just as Poland was about to be attacked in 1939. I haven't "suffered" that much from past life issues, beyond being very upset when memories came up on a few occasions.

Re: Past Lives from WWII?

Love is all You Need wrote:
Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:14 pm
I’m actually a Reiki Level one healer! Would you be able to do a past life reading for me and help clarify some of the questions?
Greetings: First off -- the link below will take you to a video which will attune you for all levels of Usui Reiki -- really (and, no problem receiving the level 1 again) !! All that is needed is that a person receive the appropriate energies. Those are provided by the woman who created the video. Moreover, definitely review her YT channel and her website for much valuable info on Reiki and much else...

Secondly, alas, i do not have the talent needed to do a competent past life reading -- i'm sorry about that... but, if you have further questions about Reiki i'll be happy to answer those if i can...

Re: Past Lives from WWII?

I agree with drakke1 that some kind of energy work would be very good for you.

From what you have described in here, your issues around your chest area could be a stress and sadness from life events which are still in your memory and your body. In this case it would be good to do some energy work and to release or "let go" of these memories and feelings and embracing the present. Since these energies are usually stuck inside our system then many times they require some healing in order to restore the balance.

I am also a reiki healer, not professionally. I am level 2. I like reiki and use it for energy work. As far as I understand, they require the initiations for each level. In my experience only, I think reiki can heal and uncode spiritual awareness over time. It is a subtle energy which takes time for doing the inner healing; however, I find it useful to know this practice.

I am also into these "acupressure techniques" for restoring the energetic balance and for releasing these tensions. I am still learning about this; for now, one of these techniques is called "EFT tapping" and it has same principles to chinese acupuncture, however done with the fingers in an easy and painless way. There is also the option of stimulating meridians around the body to release body stress and tensions and to gain a clear and more peaceful perspective.

By the way, the mental disorder that you mention, the compulsive thing, I think it is only an effect of the inner stress and not necessarily and disease or something like this. I think this is a matter of healing these energy and emotions and letting go.

But this is only my opinion and I am not an expert :)
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