Could use some prayer and good intentions

I was shown what good intentions and prayer can do. I was taken up on high and could see to every corner (yes, corner) of the Earth. I'm not sure if it was an angel or what, but it showed me people fighting below, making war. It was ugly and he was sobbing. He told me to pray for them, and to watch what happened. I prayed for them to stop fighting and for there to be no more deaths or bloodshed. When I did I saw what looked like a nuke go off right there where they all were. At first I was concerned, I was like, "whoa, wait, I just killed them all now by doing that!" He replied: "No you did not, that display of power was not for them to see but only for you to see." When the smoke cleared I saw that sure enough they were still alive, but also had stopped fighting. The death toll was getting too high for either side to stomach anymore, and the leaders on both sides decided to make peace. This other being told me that it was my prayer that did this, or else surely they would have fought to the very last man under normal circumstances, for they hated each other that much. That prayer sent a feeling of love and humanity into every person on that battlefield. That's what that huge explosion I saw was... that's how powerful love, and a simple prayer can be.

Now I could use a prayer... but judging by the dates I see on most of these posts it'd be a miracle unto itself if someone even responded back in time. I have a court date coming up, and am facing a charge and possible jail time for doing nothing more than defending a woman that was being attacked by a man. The police say it looks like I may have been a big excessive/overzealous in the process because he got busted up pretty good, but just as I told them... he kept getting back up and coming again. He wouldn't stop. It's like he was crazed. What was I to do?... just say to myself, "oh well, he's had enough, I don't wanna beat him up too badly", and just walk away and leave that obviously overmatched woman to her fate?... all so that I didn't allow myself to get "overzealous"?

Obviously he's telling a different story altogether, and she's not a very reliable witness because she was just trying to get away/run the other way, and didn't really see what happened. Though they do know that ultimately I was doing it to protect her, and because of that I won't get a steep assault charge, likely 9 months at the most, but it's absurd that I spend a single day there for doing what I did.

Please pray it's just some weak probation or something.
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Re: Could use some prayer and good intentions

Well... I just found out today that it will only be probation, so... there you go, the power of prayer does work, do not underestimate it. Although nobody replied I see 3 Likes, so I imagine that those 3 people at least threw some good intentions my way. And to you 3 I say thank you ever so much and may God be with you. There are many mansions in his house and I will pray that he prepare one for each of you 3, and write your name is his book of life.
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Re: Could use some prayer and good intentions

Yes I agree, but that's "justice" for ya. Oh well, the probation really amounts to nothing. I just have to make sure I stay out of trouble for a year. Unfortunately the woman wasn't a reliable witness as to whether the beating I administered was excessive or not, because she was running the other way and shook up. She offered to take the stand and lie for me, and testify that she saw the man repeatedly keep getting up and trying to come at her and I did what I had to do, but I told her absolutely not! To never put her hand on the good book, swear before God to tell the truth, and then lie. Under no circumstance. I'd have even gone to prison before allowing that.

And if I had the situation to do over again the only thing I'd change was what I wore that day... I ruined a new pair of pants by getting blood stains on them from a flying knee.
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