Please give healing to my mother

Kia Ora from New Zealand

I am trying to find as many lightworkers etc as I can to pray for my mothers health and to send healing and love to my mother Gloria. I am trying to help her bring her mind back and bring her back into reality as she has been holding onto a lot of issues and it's causing her to suffer and I really do love my mum and she really needs some love right now please help me because I don't want her to suffer anymore

Kind regards

Stephen Bourke
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Oreob4by wrote: If you really have all those powers that you claim to have, like ESP, telepathy, healing, etc. [b:38ao2zma]Then predict the Lottery numbers[/b:38ao2zma] for the next week. Please do it, because i will win 424 million if i get it right!
I know you've already tried and you failed, where have you read I have some powers?
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Oreob4by wrote: Aren't you an an Indigo? Indigos are supposed to have psychic powers, ability to predict things and shit

It only works if it's to help, never do that for selfish reasons like guessing the lottery numbers or ego purposes
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Oreob4by wrote: Why don't you so? That's really foolish. If you really have such powers, it should work in any given situation.

I don't think to win 424 millions will help you...
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Oreob4by wrote: Of course, it will, my friend

I'm not your friend, I don't even know you, I'm scared I'm too stupid for your megalomaniac agenda, good luck :)
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oh the oreo is riding his grey mare thru the town. he thinks he is Godiva but his warts are big and brown. so the seekers all ignore him for the bigfoot that he is, usurping those who open here for his own selfish biz. bigfoot, bigfoot, bigfoot, thinks he has a way, but his mama keeps him locked up so he cant go out to play.

bigfoot lives in a witching house, witching house, witching house.
bigfoot lives in a witching house
but he cannot spell.

bigfoot says he thought his brain, thought his brain, thought his brain.
bigfoot says he thought again,
but he's 'out' digo.

hello bigfoot. my, you are one shallow useless bore. and you keep proving it over and over and over until your mama feeds you with that little wooden spoon she uses to stir up your personality.

don't you wish you had a real mama --even one with problems, like Mr Bourke here? But, you have to make do, don't you bigfoot, with the copy of the one from the film 'Psycho'. Sad.
and you tread all over people's feelings because you believe you win something. Nah. It proves you to be the jerk you always wanted to be when you were 10, but were too much of a coward to be. Now, you can hide behind a computer and be a coward. Just like your mama was. But we shouldn't be rude and make fun of you, bigfoot. You need all the help you can get to make up for your lack of personality. Why, l do believe l know stones on the beach more interesting than you. Yes, indeed. So that makes you.....a STONEHEAD. Yep. a stone for a brain and a bigfoot for a name.

please write more. we all laugh at you bigfoot, as you are such a bigfoot joke to us. don't ever stop proving your joke to us, please. why, you could be the last of your species. yes indeed.

Gloria feels responsible for too much, l see. she has taken on the task of giving while forsaking herself, and she is drained out. so much so that she is now quite ill. ln these cases, try turning everything off and just sitting with her in quietude. no talking. just passing the hours. like a Quaker meeting, sort of. be still. then, you will hear the world pass you by. no distractions, no limits, no reasons. its called 'being'. some people forget and get caught up in 'living'. the trick is, that being, is something that we are, and not what we inflict upon ourselves. like a tree. when you sit with people like that, you allow them to reflect your foil upon themselves, and insights fall in line. try resting her feet up the wall, and letting the blood flow to her head for a while. she lost something that she needs back. but really, only she lost her way...the way of being. bigfoot's try and be, but they just can't, because they don't understand beyond running a tight book. and we all know that the lady is worth one million bigfoot's. yes, more. but understanding is a balanced circle. you will see when you take the ring away and then put it right back again. its yourself that is her issue...and you know what l mean. : )
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