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The meaning or purpose of life...
This varies a lot from person to person, everyone is different.
I believe the meaning or purpose of life is to get to know ourselves, to observe and discover who we are, both as human and as spirit.
We also have the purpose of evolution until we become One Universal Consciousness. Spirit choses to separate from its Source, from Light Energy and descend into a physical experience for a reason.
The reason is to create, to get to know itself. To observe itself in its physical expression but with a spiritual perspective. For this Spirit explores every emotion and different life experiences. Love, happiness, peace and joy are expressions of the spirit while sadness, guilt or anger are expressions of the human aspect of us.
In life we observe ourselves, we explore and get to know ourselves while constantly evolving and creating realities which are expressions of us, until one day we become return to Source, we become one with the Universal Consciousness.

To me the purpose is self realization, creation and constant evolution.
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Re: The Meaning of life

For me it's to experience being a human and to collect all the things you like and when we die we add that what we gathered to our own reality than we move onto the next reality and collect again also to learn and become better GODS. Now I say we are Gods because life would not be worth living if we were not the highest of the high, being lower than someone else is not fair. We are here because we desire. An always evolving GOD infinite, remember this just because someone can do some abilities doesn't make them higher it just means they have some knowledge that they attained how ever it was. a miracle is just another word for something amazing but it is JUST an ability.
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Re: The Meaning of life

You are very right, we are all developing Gods because we are all fractals of God who are in the process of becoming self aware of that reality. Our ego is like our role we chose to play, or individual experience we play for God. Our deep awareness or metaphysical consciousness is that Source which is everyone and everything else. There is no need to feel higher or lower than anyone; that source of power is all and available for all; it only comes with deep awareness which is a personal journey, no one can take it away from you, ever. Your power is your own consciousness which is who you are, no one can make you feel lower or higher but your own perception of yourself. You are your own God, just as everyone else is. Our abilities is what make us unique; they are part of our personality and our role. They do not make anyone lower or higher, only unique. And everyone is talented somehow, but many people have not discovered their inner talents because life has not given them that exploration yet. Talent is often un-discovered or un-exploited. Everyone has talents, interests that may match them somehow and the inner potential. We are all unique.
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Re: The Meaning of life

THE PIT DOG wrote:
Sat Aug 05, 2017 8:42 pm
(has to be lived)

or not.
Your life.
Means what
Who holds that?
My dream is not mine.
Dreamer needs your dream.
Your life is the meaning of a book.
The book is all that there is but to live.
Because you live that there can be a dream.
Reality you live and dream is the flow of meaning.
Meaning that the meaning of your life is everything.
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Re: The Meaning of life

The answer's "to grow and to fulfill", put simply.

Walking open-minded through life, taking every interesting and frightening challenge life is confronting you with.
Not to look out for permanent bliss, which is illusory and neither possible nor planned for your being.
But embracing difficult and painful life-lessons, as if it is a loved one.
To progress your experience, to understand and learn the most out of it.
By this consistantly working on becoming your best version of yourself, for being ready to fulfill your life tasks.
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Crack with a bown.
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