Fork in the path of my life

i am on a road and i am up to make a mayor decision, do i take the way that leads me back in my life but is somethng i said "i never want to do this" some yeas ago.
Or do i take the other way which leads to something i am pretty uncertain about.

Now i like to have someone with a bit of skill answer:
How do i feel about the paths, what will expect me when i go them.
Is either path safe?

i am sorry that my question is so vague but ofcourse a skilled clairvoyant would not need more informations so i hope there is a skilled person out there.
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People can give you advice but not actually tell you which path to choose in your life because it's your decision in the end. There is not "right" or "wrong" path but what it feels it's the best for you at the moment. If later on you realize that it was not the best choice, just learn from the experience you gained and become wiser for future decisions. :)
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