amazing phenomena or something else?

Hi all:

Something very interesting has been happening with my digital camera. When the notice comes on "battery exhausted" (and it has come on MANY times recently), if I meditate and concentrate on what feels like the "eternal now" (4th dimension/higher dimension of time)" and press the "on" button with strong and clear intention, the camera comes back on and the battery level indicator is either filled all the way or partially...
It really feels like either I've accessed another dimension where there is no such thing as an exhaustion of energy or that I've time traveled back to before when the battery became exhausted?

The proof seems to lie in the fact that before I used this meditation, I could never turn the camera back on after it registered "battery exhausted".

Either this is truly an example of powers at work or the camera is simply registering incorrectly; but it really feels as if something unusual is going on...!

What do you all think???
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Re: amazing phenomena or something else?

There might be a possibility for it to happen because right now, I have seen lots of psychic abilities manage to go beyond and manipulate modern or technology related objects. I am not sure how does it works but, if you have the wish of having a full battery, you might have made a universal wish.. I have read it somewhere, when you meditate, some part of you might be unconscious and you had this wish. Your energy might amplified it to the universe and made it happen. I am not sure if this is correct either..
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Re: amazing phenomena or something else?

I am pretty sure that the mind or consciousness affects matter. I do not know exactly how but it does happen.
Psychic abilities are very real but they may take time to develop. In my experience, I find some relationship with the beliefs system a person has and its psychic level.
For instance, if a person believes in these powers, then chances are they will start to manifest and unfold gradually and that will create a perception, a perception of these powers, which then creates a reality. Many times, self doubt, is the main block for these powers, this is what im learning :)
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