Ethereal energy

A few years ago I was in a Cemetry and I had the thought 'LOOK UP' I looked up into the sky and all I could see were what I thought at the time were bubbles. There was thousands of them everywhere. They were surrounding all the people around me and I could not understand how nobody else was seeing them. I eventually learned that they were actually spirit orbs but I did not know that at the time. :)

Since then I can perceive what I call ethereal energy around all the time. It is moving so fast that I can never make out the exact shapes, it appears to me like strands of Dna, orbs, strange shapes. It is translucent and appears like an invisible world around me but one I can see. I know I don't see it with physical eyes, if I did everyone else would be able to see it also.

It all leads me to think that although my one dimensional mind is in this reality my spirit is aware of another reality where nothing is tangible. My one dimensional mind is trying to perceive this energy as we see things in this world but I cannot because it is a higher vibration than physical vibration. It seems to me that although I am in this reality I am also in another reality at the same time without realising it. Some part of my senses are heightened enough to be able to perceive an invisible energy. Although it appears that we are here and spirit is somewhere else that we are separate from spirit this energy I perceive tells me we are not.

I am wondering if anyone else has this experience.

LOve cheeneka x
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Re: Ethereal energy

I easily see the energy everywhere I look and pay attention to. I have seen floating colors, like colored energy clouds which I believe are spirits. Sometimes the show up and disappear very fast but their presence feels good.

I believe the illusion we are living, is the illusion of separation. In essence we are the same. Different expressions of the same Source.
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