LEY it on the LINE

It is said that there is a net of energetic lines covering our planet earth.
Places, where two lines are crossing, are said to be highly energetic, while they can have a bigger or less bigger impact on its living environment.
The most famous places of high energy are the Uluru, or Ayers Rock in Australia and Untersberg right at the austrian/german border, as well as Rila mountains in Bulgaria.
But despite of them, there are said to be a whole lot more less- but still highly energetic places all around the globe.
From reports, those places are said to have different impact on visitors and permanent inhabitants.
Some are having a mind- clearing effect for example, others are said to have healing properties.
This goes along with tales about springs having such an effect by drinking its water.

I am excited to hear about your own convictions about it, as well as explanations, and of course your own personal experiences.

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Re: LEY it on the LINE

I am not too familiar with these points. I have heard of them before but do not know a lot about them.

I remember a place which felt sacred to me and I wonder right now if it was maybe one of the energetic places you describe.
This place I am talking about is in Bolivia and it is called Incallajta. Its like a sort of valley with ancient Inca ruins. Some people say that these ruins are more ancient than the ones in Machu Picchu, but I do not know.

I do remember the amazing beauty and energy that this place had. Also, the silence (except for the wind and tress) and loneliness. This is one of the best places I have been to so far: the nature, beauty, loneliness and a strong feeling of connection and energy there.

I saw colors more vividly during these times while I was there. I think Bolivia in general is a very mystical place but this place was like a gift, also because for some reason this place is not very well known, not touristy. I think that day it was just me and my friend and a couple of native women in the whole area.
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Re: LEY it on the LINE

Hello, Indigo Violet Number Three.
And thank you for sharing your experience here with me, us.
This bolivian place, how you´ve described, really sounds like an energetic place.
Somewhere i have read that ancient cultures did knew about these energetical places, that´s why they have build cult places at these locations or even whole towns, civilizations around it. Sounds logical to me, thinking of people back then were more in tune with life and earth for sure than they are nowadays.
I think the best way to find out is by getting there in person and to see and feel if anything is chainging for you. Let it be your perception or how you are feeling afterwards.

To share my own experiences- i have went to a place said to inhabit strong energy. It is popular by being one of these places where two energetic lines are crossing.
Not too far from my past location, i wanted to find out if there really is something remarkable or some kind of influencing force working there.
It has been a group of old celtic tombs, spread over an area of maybe 1 km, inside of a forest area.
The biggest one has been like more than 30 meters long, consisting of old monoliths, but in a ruin shape.
i didn´t stay for more than 2 hours actually, and i didn´t try to force anything. I just have taken my time there in nature.
All i can say is that after leaving that place, i have felt more grounded, centered.
Which has been something i really needed back then.
So i have got no real proof for this place´s energy resonating and working with me, but to me it´s been a good direction towards a proof for myself.

Thank you again for sharing.
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