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<r>[QUOTE=Dragon;1056603]<br/> I sort of hope that what I'm writing is not entirely accurate. Part of me wouldn't want anything more than to be wrong. But you know, just in case... See you on the other side <E>:cool:</E> and know that you are watched and loved.[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> I'm going to tell y...

<t>Seems more then plausible. I think since everything consists out of energy, you might even project archetypes into your "reality" at times. So I believe I've once come across my shadow archetype at one time. I'm not talking about full contact or anything just some shadowy figure in my eye sights ...

I always kill the unicorns so i can take their horns

these i can powder to dust with my mortar and pestle and the combined with some marrentil
i can make anti poison potions. which i can sell for quite some money..

how deep will the rabbit hole go..

which pill did you take MARAA

the blue pill
the red pill


<t>isn't this a place where you can be yourself?<br/> let go of the image some of you created in society to be able to fit in..<br/> <br/> just let it all go here and be yourself..<br/> well nice being yourself here <br/> getting all supressed<br/> <br/> i guess i am considered a troll too right?<br...

<t>and to add another thing to the whole story.<br/> <br/> when is one considerd a troll?<br/> <br/> when somebody doesn't follow the rules in a indigo forum where indigoes are known to not follow rules?<br/> <br/> or when people do not fit into this indigo society.<br/> or act like otucasts?<br/> <...

<t>yeah.. look at you all..<br/> <br/> 1st of all you keep talking about trolls.. but thats not the reason she got banned? no? the reason she got banned is apparently her account got hjiacked.. alteast have the courage to say the truth?<br/> <br/> and 2nd what happenend to all your love and light pe...

shouldn't it be that psychics would always win at games like this because they know what kind of moves i would make..

i challenge you too! psychics i did find this roger? Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Event Title: Lecture: Remote Viewing through Self-Hypnosis Roger Armstrong Location: RVML Event Center - 258 A St, Ashland Tuesday, May 22, 2007 Time: 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Import this event into your Outlook c...

<r>Uhm.. well I'm not 18 yet either. so I'm pretty lucky i got allowed to train there.<br/> The first time I came there I had to do a interview and some tests to see if I was able to do all this and I passed.<br/> So I've been training there for around a short 5 months now, and soon i will be able t...

<t>[QUOTE=Rockwood;951117]<br/> <br/> <br/> I don't thank anyone for no reason. And I have no Ego at all, if knowledge of this comforts you.<br/> Oh well, good luck in exploration of the depths of your own Ego.[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> i am just going to react to this little topic.<br/> <br/> everyone has...

[QUOTE=Hekuni;949444]Whoa! Bro...wait up a minute here...firgive for stating the obvious but as the only oldie amongst these newbs, I have to point out the trancendental irony of what your ego is projecting.YOU, lil mojo are the guiltiest party as to what you are pointing out. That is the lasting im...

<t>[QUOTE=statusone;949622]@Psychic child. Thanks for the advice it is quite helpful.<br/> <br/> As for mojo5040 having a blast with this thread, some people just like to go to people's threads and troll as it were. When people hear something they are afraid of and don't want to believe they will hu...

<r>[QUOTE=Psychic Child;949335]<br/> There was a radio series called the "Shadow" <br/> [one of my heroes in 1935, when I was five]<br/> He used his Ability "To cloud Mens minds" to be invisible<br/> and brought gangsters to justice. At that time I thought <br/> that I was using "instant hypnosis" o...

so if i buy the book up there in purple all mighty assended master, and make a donation of 99 bucks to this site ill get instant kundalini?

[QUOTE=Psychic Child;949302]Wow mojo, your idea of fun is to put the people down and Direspect them? With any ability comes responsibility to use it devensively or for the benefit of other. The percent was shielding your energy, not your physical self. Be in harmony, be in beauty. roger note: All th...


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its good that some fake-ass bad internet psychic can tell me so much about myself! I believe you!!

where would i need to go for such a book?

and whats my past life?

i happen to believe i am jesus.

are you sure I am namfing you or. is that just your own reality....?

or are you just really just namfing me and then telling me i am namfing you to namf me?


clearly you have not activated
your kundalini
amen ra(men),

i never haz kundalini?
and yes i like ramen,
thank you for your message

<t>but i mean like not everytime when you want something the law of attraction works, and vice versa, and some have such a miserable life they have no gifts or ,maybe some that have any meaning.. and for some the gift is already around you its like an endless paradox of gifts that may or may not be ...

[QUOTE=rabana;949273]every bit of time you spend thinking about what you want-want-want, you are not in the moment. you might miss something important and even better, a genuine gift...[/QUOTE]

are you NAMFING me rabana?

AmazonPrincess;949269 wrote:A virgin giving advice: sounds legit.
I dont like you. But i forgive you.

i decided (since i made it ) that from now on it is also a verb

i namf
you namf
he/she namfs
they namf
we namf

and you can also say it like this

is he/she namfing us/me?
are they namfing them/us/we etc

[QUOTE=SpartanAngel1309;949224]I'd just put a white sheet on my head AND be naked. Then 100% invisible and a ghost :)[/QUOTE]

what kind of sorcery is this!

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