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Re: Hello

You should keep a note that by what you're implying by said 'stepping stone' - that it doesn't make them tall. But those who try to be tall, do not properly understand the meaning. As they mistake their own placement for something that it is not, and is shown by that which is hidden in there own los...

Re: Hello

Garberry99 wrote:
Wed Aug 30, 2017 10:15 pm
Not at all. You misunderstood.
It is used as a distraction and tactic cause those that do that, do not want to reflect or look at themselves.
Yet you think I misunderstand? So be it, if that's what you want to see.

Re: Chosen Path

Taw, that’s why I shared the quote in the image. As it shows substance of reflection, and how that is important when it comes to understanding the root to things, where they need to look to find the answer. That and ego, as an example usually likes to raise itself above other’s, as if they’re better...

Re: Hello

Garberry99 wrote:
Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:20 pm
Sure! Actually they would like to be higher.
That wouldn't surprise me. Tho that behavior is usually used as a tactic, and distraction.

Re: what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

Indigoviolet, I feel there's a deeper meaning in the message than what you saw and came to you in your dream.. For example, the game was focused on how you're tiring yourself out, and the feeling how it made you feel, it became a roadblock. I see it as a mirror of how you felt in waking life. And ho...


I'd say the one who is challenged is referring to the the one doing the criticizing, example the quote that I showed earlier "Whenever you are about to find a fault with someone, ask yourself this question: what fault of mine most nearly resembles the one that I'm about to criticize?" -Marcus Aurel...


If you are Love, then you are busy being love and will not feel loved or be found to be Loving others. If you are not Love, your actions will be found to be loving or not and accepting of love or not. Do you not realize that you're contradicting your own statement, w...

Re: Buddhist Teacher

I don’t think what the guy at the buddhist center said was very nice, I almost feel as if he drew to that conclusion cause he felt intimidated/threatened by you..

Re: Inspring words

i understand awakening, not only by recognizing your true potential , but being open to it, and how it influences you by letting positive energy in. And how it creates a space that lets you grow.


Indeed, spot on in my mind for only in ignorance can a consciousness (soul) destroy, the more aware a soul is, the more of this pure spirit it becomes and the more constructive and loving they are. I actually feel for any soul that is existing in ignorance, it's a very sad thing to experience souls...


I do, the reason for this is I have met souls face on that have no love in them what so ever, it wasn't the best thing to experience but that is the way it was, however in saying this, I did see/sense that the inner core of the soul was pure, not absolutely sure what to make of this, we could presu...


I think there is a bit of a confusion between souls and the spirit within all things, so many people refer to the spirit as the soul. I remember cheeneka stating that no soul has an ego, I of course begged to differ .   In the true essence of the spirit, to me, there is no lust, desire or ego, the ...


Sorry, I'm not trying to make out I'm know it all but I have literally met souls/spirits that only lust and desire. You could however say that the spirit within all things is unconditionally loving, in this case it is but the perception of unconditionally loving doesn't actually exist in this state...


Spirit love's unconditionally.. Sorry, I'm not trying to make out I'm know it all but I have literally met souls/spirits that only lust and desire. You could however say that the spirit within all things is unconditionally loving, in this case it is but the perception of unconditionally loving does...

Re: Who will give me advice???:

I asked myself how to handle life? My room gave me the answer: Roof said: Aim high. Fan said: Be cool. Clock said: Value time. Calendar said: Be up to date. Computer said: Everyone is connected to you. Clothes said: Wear me out. Wallet said: Saved now for the future. Lamp said: Always light the dar...


cheeneka wrote:your quote yes...I am speaking about what the shaman said to me. :)

LOve cheeneka x
Well, what I mean is, what I had said about nature(spirit) that it's message was the same as the shaman.. that's at least how I interpreted it.


Well, what the quote speaks of is to let go of fear.. to listen to see what is causing that fear is an aspect that just needs love, an aspect that needs to heal.


They probably just mean they've ways to connect with it, that are different than other's. I agree. This particular shaman told me that if i didn't do what spirit wanted spirit would make me sick........i was not impressed to say the least. i began to think of lots of vulnerable souls hearing that a...


Yes Mystik always present. Yesterday, I followed  an old local man (82) out of a shop and all of a sudden I felt such compassion for him, so much so I went home and lit a candle for him. About fifteen minutes later I took my dog for a walk up a nearby lane, the man I had followed out of the shop wa...


Seems the lady you saw was in the 'unseen', and usually it's harder to see them as you can only see them with your 3rd eye chakra usually. Tho I wonder why she feels bad for you.. why would she?

Re: Out of Darkness Cometh Light

How can you be sure the  mind is "female"..? That thought itself is limiting.. This confuses me also. The mind is physicaly dualistic and different traits have been attributed to each half. Even proven to some extent.   Our social conditioning is that emotion is female and thought is male. Somehat ...

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