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beautiful and gentle

each is so different in intensity, like theres a different message from each one

they are wonderful

<t>i have an awesome shrink who is one of the most real people i know. <br/> gasp- he actually encoureges my spiritual not by the book healing<br/> <br/> <br/> not all of them live in their books<br/> they are people like everyone<br/> you have to find one that you can connect with. for me this took...


yes yes

interesting time
learned alot from everyone stuck in there

though it sucked to see how they just shoved drugs down peoples throats when something went wrong

yah i felt a deep understanding from the book, one of the few from school i actually liked

Apocolypse Now-does an awesome job with the story as well

tong ren healing

my friends mom is a homeopath and she told me about this method of healing called Tong Ren. tapping into the collective unconcious to heal the body, and open up energy channels. so we went to a session the other day and im feeling, holy shit, calm!! there was a group of in front of the class, and th...

eee you reminded me i met this girl last summer by accident. she was a boat from the bahamas and had stopped in woods hole cape cod (where i live) and we chilled for a few days till she went off. she was a rapper and could jsut go on and on off the top of her head, coherently. shes actually one of t...

welcome welcome beautiful soul

so much lovely yellow i feel from you hehe

congrats on your first client yay

oh and i dont feel there is any age limit on indigoes
i feel you are completely

ahh thats so awesome. ive been getting into underground rap recently. not that mainstream junk:p hmm lessee some of the wonder ones i like krs-one cunninlynguists brother ali sweatshop union all the...

i get these tooo

i feel them to be from my past lives. ive gotten different memories from way way back. also sometimes i get memories from people around me

maybe these are past or futere memories your remembering


i loove putting pink floyds dark side of the moon to this movie. hehe it lines up perfectly, like the bells in time going off the moment the witch appears

i like the scarecrow tooo

wheee i love lsd

hmm i describe it as letting all your walls down
you see into the true nature of things

complete innocence

lots of giggling hehe

<t>this is absolutely the right place:) <br/> <br/> <br/> hmm i know not alot of this, but what you say makes me so wonderfully curious. is there any issue of control between you and Syl. does one of you hmm take over your body at certain times. sorry if this is a silly question to you. you have a w...

<t>beautiful beautiful soul<br/> <br/> i understand your lonliness<br/> you are not alone in your feelings, your knowing<br/> <br/> at times i have looked at this as a burden, "why do i see something that no one else sees" but all my cries are being answered<br/> <br/> its all part of the plan:) <br...

<t>[QUOTE=Justin D.;69808]Well to clarify, I wasn't really disagreeing with her. Peace, love and balance are the same thing. Please don't argue my friends. We all must do what is right for each of us. If to you that means disagreeing, debate on.[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> <br/> yah i agree<br/> <br/> love i...

ive found looking at the sunset and sunrise everyday helps me enourmously. though i rarely see the sunrise hehe. its that point in between where everything just is. not day not night, not good not evil

love love

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