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I wouldn't say suppressing one's emotions is a bad thing. I do it out of habit now, because it is easier than dealing with the violent extremes my emotions tend to go to. Raven, if I learn how to reverse your problem, you will be the first person I visit

175(oh mah gawd, popular thread *squees*): you come up with fun sayings
176: One of them is "Sticks and stones may break my bones, but whips and chains excite me!" and "Never mess with healers for they are evil and have many tests to inflict upon your body."

<r>[QUOTE=reason;57224]ok, so when are the nude pics gonna start coming?<br/> <br/> we need to REALLY FEEL the PUREST form <E>:D</E> <E>:cool:</E> :rolleyes:[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> Yeah reason, if you wanna feel everyone in the purest form, show some faith by doing it first. lol *turns beet re...

[QUOTE=tagg;57544]118: When you drive past someone riding a bike, you get the intention to open your door and smack them too the ground.[/QUOTE]

I've had that done to me. That was not fun, nearly got ran over by oncoming traffic.

[QUOTE=Dark Summons;54767]which part my recent addition or the thought that anime guys are hot?[/QUOTE]

....*smacks* ero-sennin, hentai, *pulls out hirakotsu* don't make me use this

um, it's like looking at a guy or girl that you know you can't have, but it doesn't stop you from staring. It's the same concept but projected onto a fictional character in a anime show

<t>[QUOTE=rug;54771]well im way curious about the shoutbox[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> It's kinda like posting but it's more like a chat site where responses are basically immediate and it refreshes itself every few seconds. It's easier to show than to explain. *so wishes this site had one* I MISS MY SHOUTBO...

[QUOTE=LadyElement;54758]*bounces in*I love you aaaaaaaaaaaaall!, I would change the thing that says Super Moderator to Full of Love Moderator if i couuuld lol[/QUOTE]

All right, who gave LadyE sugar?

<t>I would have to agree with *drumroll* Leuxnotik! You were respectful, and you made fun of him but you did it jokingly. Lenny took it seriously and acted (yet a-effing-gain) as a martyr. He wants to believe that people are attacking him for posting his opinion. Candles, I'll tell you a secret, IT'...

Can we just let go of this and say goodbye to this guy already? It's gotten past sad that he's still here after he said he was leaving, 4 pages ago. Candles, please just leave already.

<t>*shifty eyes*<br/> <br/> 85. You are annoyingly chipper in the morning<br/> 86. You are that way WITHOUT coffee<br/> 87. You check your myspace every 5 seconds, even when you aren't waiting for someone to reply to an e-mail<br/> 88. The Cha-cha slide (love the song and dance, so yuppers i'm a fru...

81. You think the lights on your modem are keeping time to the song you're playing.
82. You're playing a slow song and the lights are still fast
83. You yell at lights for being off the beat

<t>[QUOTE=LadyElement;54299]61. making a sandwich with ranch,ham,cheese and potato chips[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> Hey, that's actually good y'know....<br/> <br/> 65. you wake up in the middle of the night and forgot why you got up.<br/> 66. (pagan humor) You put the athame in the chalise and forgot why.<b...

<t>Close on me, I kinda love peace but when I get pissed, I love chaos more.<br/> <br/> As for my sister, uh which one are you channeling? neither have blonde hair(although they act it....OW! *got psychicly slapped by both*) And yes, they are hard headed. *gets slapped again* Dang it! Stop abusing m...

[QUOTE=LadyElement;54233]insane? Im insane*talks to self*are we insane?[/QUOTE]

umn, do I know you? cause I meant Dark Summons and another girl in Portland.

35. You randomly yell 'I'm about to rape a Coke can'

<t>11. You stare straight ahead, and STILL run into the middle pole<br/> 12. You find it amusing when it looks like your stuffed animal is licking it's own crotch<br/> 13. You find it funnier when said stuffed animal glares at you for previous comment<br/> 14. You know you lost your marbles and have...

<t>okay, this is already getting off topic....damn<br/> <br/> 6. You use acid rock as trance music<br/> 7. (if you're pagan or well versed in the Occult, you'll get this.) When telling an initiate about the Great Rite, you leer and say, “Hey, your trad or mine?”<br/> 8. You have a plaque saying, "Th...

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