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Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Well, I do not say I am skeptical of this, neither I can say I think this is true, because I do not know.
I do not know if there is "The One" for us.
What I can say right now is that I believe in love and I believe it finds those who are really open to it.

Re: Visit from unworldly beings

Hey Ladybelle Sorry for my late reply About past life visions, well hard to tell. Most of my memories have come just as a vision that lasts for about a second. In this vision I can see a person. The people I see in these visions look a bit similar to me; like, I can recognize myself in them, special...

Re: Visit from unworldly beings

I think you are right about the guides. My contact with them has decreased a bit but I think they are still there anyway and their support when needed. Yes there is still too much which is unknown. I believe truth will be revealing itself in all different aspects of life and reality in the right tim...

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Thanks a lot LadyBelle :) Do you think you could manifest this person into your life? I think that if you love and accept yourself and are open to loving others then this reflection should show up in your life. I do not see any reason why it wouldnt. Meeting the right person for you has to be the re...

Re: Snakes In dream

Maybe a premonition you had over the disaster your city would experience because you said it happened the same day.
I would suggest you look up the meaning of the cobra in dreams and see which of those meanings resonate with you and your situation.

Re: Visit from unworldly beings

I think I have been in touch with some similar beings. I do not know if they are the same that you are describing here though. I had visits from very loving beings. I used to call them angels. But maybe angels is not the right word for them as it may be associated with religion and this is not my id...

Re: Meeting "The One" in the astral plane before meeting them in a physical body

Hello. This is an interesting topic to me and I have been wondering about this subject for a while. My knowledge on this subject is rather limited. I still do not know if there is such thing as a twinflame. I am not against this idea at all, but so far I just dont know enough. I think that the peopl...

Re: OBEsprite is back! Hiya! Welcome to knowing you exist forever. Queue Jimmy Fallon's Ew

Hello. You can find a list of members and search for any on the footer area, right at the end of the page, there are few links and one is them is called "members". You can find these people there and contact them if you want. Thank you for sharing. When you say "enter at your own risk", where do you...

Re: Vibration

Hello I see a bright future ahead. There is the chaos of course, but I think this is mostly encuraged by low news just designed to spread fear and division. I think that we are still in transition and every day more and more people start questioning themselves and their life and looking for new know...

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