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Beyond Indigo

What makes you different? what makes you who you are? :) I know that many people don't like labels, including me, there is always an exception to any rule I have never being diagnosed by a doctor, but the traits I relate the most are: ADDs: I relate to ADD's because I drift a lot, I'm not dumb, but ...

<r>[QUOTE=Rum;1002487]That shit will kill you roier and screw your brain up in the process[/QUOTE]<br/> I don't do heroine <E>:)</E> but I'd like it to be free, <E>:D</E> I also believe in abortion, euthanasia and dead penalty <E>:D</E><br/> <br/> I come from the future <E>:D</E> there <E>:D</E> all...

[QUOTE=ANewKindOfNeo;1006037]YOu can't 'know' the answer to this because you are dealing with something (or nothing) that exceeds the finite mind. YOu can 'feel' the answer go ahead and tune in. its the only way to find out.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=Jishnu Ray Chowdhury;1006024]1) god is all that exist.
2) god is dreaming.
3) This is the dream
4) this is just an assumption
5) everything is assumption.
6) Even no.5
7) this is a contradiction
8) I do not care.[/QUOTE]

Pop corn? by reason

[QUOTE=Nespese;1005017]Oh there you are. I was wondering where you were. I had to party all by myself on New Years eve.:p:D

todo el mejor Roier...xxoo[/QUOTE]

Nice spanish :D everything can get better :D

[QUOTE=magonia;1005082]Man is the weak link in any activity or good intentions.[/QUOTE]

There was a glitch :p

<r>[QUOTE=baron de rochefort;1005036]Annonymous?? traitor and renegade or probably manipulate to by hight finances and politic or secret service<br/> Annonymous symbole of justice and freedom? just riche boys identique to the other elististes circles[/QUOTE]<br/> <br/> I actually think they all work...

<r>I can save you a few words <E>:)</E> Anonymous <E>:)</E> are the future Masons <E>:)</E> simple <E>:)</E><br/> <br/> What Anonymous is building right now is the Masons and Illuminati of the future <E>:)</E><br/> <br/> Masons built houses and aqueducts <E>:)</E> Anonymous build Data Networks <E>:)...

[QUOTE=Nespese;1002386]You're aging yourself

Seven is very signifigant for me as well although from different learning experiences. But most certainly I recognize the seven year cycles in my life.[/QUOTE]

Chilaquiles :)

<r>[QUOTE=Ladyhawke1017;1002392]It helps so much to know that others struggled throughout childhood; I'm sorry,that sounds so bad, and so selfish on the surface, but when you've lived your whole life hearing stories about what a problem child you were, to know that you weren't alone and really not a...

<r>[QUOTE=nimbletoes;1002363]When we go out there among the stars, we're going to meeting a lot of species who are just on the borders of sentience. Inevitably we will be mixing with them in every sense of the word, and we and they will be changed for ever by these encounters as a result. Certainly ...

<r>[QUOTE=nessa11;1001783]Wow amazing! <br/> I have had similar experiences when driving... For example one time I was driving down the highway, when no one else was on the road. Suddenly out of nowhere I got this alarming feeling that I had to "put on the brakes"... It felt like a ridiculous thing ...

I'll be right back with more comments :) but please consider having my babies :D remember :D I'm a normal dude :)

Is that ok? dude? or should I DUDE it? :D to sound non sea horsie :)? :) I don't know :( HELP? :(

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