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Re: Past Life Visions

The past. The present. The future. It is all one. In linear time it exists. Spirit doesn 't know time. It doesn't exist in infinity. Logic again. Past lives are a myth. We come here to feel consciousness. To lèarn through feelings. What we are now. We will never be again. Past lives do not tell the ...


[center]CAT[/center] Evidence from archaeological studies in Egypt, point to the African wild cat being the ancestor of the domestic cat. Cat art and mummified remains have been found in excavations that date back four thousand years ago. Cats according to recent scientific studies are the most pop...


Tawmeeleus is a mighty spirit. He is my guide. He has no concern for ego. In his reality. It does not exist. Cheeneka on the other hand. Is saying. It is easier to love as spirit thsn human.

LOve Cheeneka x


We all want to be spiritual. Yet we do not want to be just an energy. We want to be an individual. A real person. I have written about reflecting. Ego will never accept they are energy and as physical just reflects that around it.

I am you. You are me.

LOve Cheeneka x


Crystalline energy! I had to leave as Tawmeeleus. I couldn't control the reflections anymore. Spirit doesn't judge energy but i felt like the reflections were hurting people here. I am stronger now. I hope. My apologies to Shaj, Drake and Red violet. Red violet. You didn't change. I did. 😇 LOve Chee...


I have to admit i had to read this a good few times! Wow. Blew my mind 😇

If we are all connected to everything then aren't we attached?

Sex is a physical act. Tantric is not.

Bliss takes many forms. Love takes many forms.

I would reference Saint Theresa.

LOve cheenekax

Re: Are you in the right place?

I think it is possible to be both. Spirit and ego. There are very enlightened beings in this reality. Beings with a higher vibration who can pass as human but have a very different purpose. Due to the higher vibration they are connected to all things. Human, plant,animal and spirit. They have an in...


[center]CHAMELEON[/center] Chameleon’s family Chamaeleonidae is a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. The approximately 160 species of chameleon come in a range of colours, and many species have the rather unique ability to change colours. Chameleons are distinguished by their zygo...


I read this book by Gopi Krishna many years ago. It is called' Kundalini. The evolutionary energy in man' In the book he described his awakening and his realisation that he was spirit not an individual ego. He maintained this is the experiece that every ego will face when their ego evolution is at a...

Re: Are you in the right place?

Hi. I have some thoughts about ego. Firstly does it even exist or is it an illusion. How do i know I is an individual me. Couldn't I be the collective WE. Secondly why would we need an ego? What would be the purpose of it. Maybe to have the instinct to live in this world even though our purpose is ...


I am wondering which is harder? to love or be loved? If you were LOVE would you love or want to be loved? LOve cheeneka x :cloudh Is it more difficult to accept another person's situation and experiences while in a state of love for that person? or is it more difficult to accept another person's in...


If you are Love, then you are busy being love and will not feel loved or be found to be Loving others. If you are not Love, your actions will be found to be loving or not and accepting of love or not. Do you not realize that you're contradicting your own statement, w...

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