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Aislinn, you and others like you will lead mankind through the Aquariun Age. You, and others like you ARE the future. You and others like you will change the world. You are different, and that difference should make you smile. You make me smile...peace be unto you.

Turn your grey dirty world into your hypothetical creature...YOU have the power.

<t>We all began as spirit, pure light. When spirit decided to materialize and become matter, the first life forms were not human like us. They were thought projections. Then, there were strange creatures such as part-human/part animal, and unicorns. This was all part of millions of years of evolutio...

The soul has no religion because it doesn't believe, it knows. There is also no such thing as nothing, because even nothing is something.

BuilderOfCastles, now I know why I was led here to this site. Thank you for your comment, you have opened my eyes.

My horoscope today said I would receive a messgae from my elders. Maybe in the form of a dream or a sign. Any thoughts.

I understand Obama is an Indigo as well as Steve Jobs. I'm quite positive he'll return very soon now if he's not already here.

Tripping The Light Fantastic

<t>A tale of reincarnation and the journey of the soul. A simple coming of age story... ROBERT always thought he was special, he had no idea how special he was. He lives a life as a musician and singer in Lahaina on the Island of Maui. Haunted by a recurring dream he goes to a regression therapist w...

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