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You must realize who you are within and spread this awareness to others. Change begins with each individual awakening to their true self. To truly make any change in your outer reality, you must realize that you are the Supreme One creating your reality.

Fascinating. I just realized/remembered that I am an incarnated dragon as well. I believe Bruce Lee was an incarnated dragon. I really resonate with this.

I agree with you, but there are beings that have a higher level of understanding within Creation. I am not implying that these beings are superior, since any being can reach any level of awareness. This concept is like how we have a higher awareness over animals.

I'm done with you, Mystic. You do not understand. I have thoroughly explained my point of view, but you do not see it.

<t>[QUOTE=MYSTIKDRAGON;1129348]You need to listen closely.. if you think that's the only thing I speak of.<br/> <br/> It's when Duality(separation) = Matter(Dual Nature) and spirit are united, there is a doorway where they are brought into harmony and balance. That is the aspect where they become on...

[QUOTE=MYSTIKDRAGON;1129346]Duality is separation. It is Matter(Dual Nature). There is a Duality cause there are 2 different ideas/beliefs that are present - Example, Duality and Non-Duality. They infact are not the same, or a Duality wouldn't be present.[/QUOTE] You are only correct within the cont...

[QUOTE=MYSTIKDRAGON;1129334]No,Duality and non-duality aren't the same thing.[/QUOTE]

Yes, they are.

It is all perception. You are not your body. You are not you mind. You are Nothing/Pure Awareness/Soul/God.

[QUOTE=KatsuSenshi;1128476]Well I was hoping Satan could come up with a benefit to me joining his side. Perhaps I could be used to increase his power somehow[/QUOTE]

Satan will just kill you.

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