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Re: The World Peace Party and HICKS/YOU 2020 campaign aim to peacefully revolUtionize the entire world.

Hey Andrew, I support your World Peace Party with all my heart. We should definitely collaborate when you take this further than the borders of the United States cause we have similar aspirations about creating peaceful world for all. Have a look at the Ubuntu Party: Y...

Re: Hi Everybody!

Thank you Andrew, my brother!
Please check out the support page for many ways you can assist. I really appreciate your help. I Wish here are more people like you. Good luck with your peace political party!

Heaven on Earth

Dear loved ones, Please support the "Heaven on Earth" campaign, previously known as "the New World Order" Read here for the most exciting news regarding support from the Illuminati and how you can become part of the beneficiaries and rulers: Ple...

Re: Are WE the Illuminati?

Yes isildae21, You are correct, I also came to the conclusion that we are the illuminati To become officially part of the illuminati (the enlightened ones & New World Order) and become a beneficiary you must register. Go here for details on how to register:

Love is Bravery and Courage

<t>Love is Bravery and Courage<br/> <br/> Dear friends,<br/> <br/> <br/> I have experienced my fears to the extreme and through this experience I have come to this understanding of fear:<br/> <br/> <br/> Fear is the exact opposite of love. Fear repels & Love attracts. eg. When you fear a person ...

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