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I'm glad to hear you find out those things. I'm sure it was extremely pleasing to find out who these people were and to be told who your father, brother and family tutor is.

Why sadly? earth is amazing . I would not mind being an earth seed. I sometimes want to be one because i like earth a lot but i do not like how it changed and how it looks in the modern times. It makes me sad sometimes how people destroyed it .I hope i do not sound stupid . Mainly because I feel it...

Sunsmiles wrote:nah, i like you bro, you know me already as sweeterthan.
Whatever you want to be called, I don't mind! This is a great forum with a solid and active community.

I like what's being said here. I totally agree with the bottom part. It takes a lot to have the courage to do something or break someones hidden reign.

<t>[QUOTE=Sunsmiles;1114969]Take any type of empty container with a lid that isnt clear to see the inside contents. have someone place an object inside the container without letting you know what is inside, or how many. When you can see what is inside the container you will have remote viewed.[/QUOT...

<r>[QUOTE=opiumchild;1114946]read the Bible and feel the essence of God. and accept Jesus as your savior.<br/> <br/> thats what ive been told at least :p<br/> <br/> hahahha Im attempting at becoming one myself maybe. I haven't fully decided yet, but im trying to let the idea get through my stubborn ...

<t>[QUOTE=opiumchild;1114966]when i lived with my boyfriend we would donate to St. Jude's Childrens Hospital every christmas. I get letters from them filled with paper every month asking for more.<br/> <br/> they gotta pay for the paper and envelopes and the time to put it all together and then the ...

Hello Bradr, I might get a bit crazy on you just kidding, Good to see ya here bro. Funny thing is, I read your name as B-rad-er, as in more radical lol..crazee or, ok here then >> [video=youtube;icvRDSzB7Dc]

To be fair, who doesn't like a bit of yoga now and again? Okay, maybe not for me and other men, but when it comes to women, yoga is perfect for them to tone up.

<t>[QUOTE=opiumchild;1114951]i also wonder why we can have game shows that give away hundreds of thousands of dollars for a person correctly answering a few questions, when more than likely a few blocks from the studio the show is being filmed out there is a homeless person suffering on the street.<...

<r>[QUOTE=opiumchild;1114959]its perfectly understandable.<br/> <br/> WE are kinda like animals. horses are vegetarian but tigers eat meat. there are things from meat that our bodies are programmed to need, but we can find elsewhere. meat works for some and not for others. i know the person who goes...

You'll be judged and probably stopped by the patrol police. You can do it if you like, but it's not recommended.

Not really. I've seen others wear sacred jewelry, but it seems it wouldn't suit me. Don't get me wrong, it's beautiful on other people, just not me.

opiumchild wrote:welcome to IS BradR :)
Thanks a lot Opium. It's great to be here and be apart of this wonderful community.

I've always wanted to go to Africa and go on some kind of safari trip. This has certainly helped me and hopefully I'll be able to go in the near future.

I want to travel the world and visit each country, but I know it won't happen. You'll need a lot of money to do that and it would take a long, long time to do so. Hopefully I'll be able to discover new places in the future though.

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