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Hey Ray...I was born in 69 also. I'm interested to see it boiled down to the essence. That's what kind of answers I am seeing around the different topics. - Riley

<t>The past is for learning, whether or not a person can handle the past - Truth's is up to each individual. My inner-truth is different than everyone elses(free will). Dwelling and clinging to things, I agree can become detrimental. Everyone's journey is different, some similar, some not, but never...

Does anyone know of a new Chakra(around the sternum)'s not found in any of the sacred texts, but they are being discovered in people.


Who will share with me their views on Reincarnation? I have knowledge of some past lives and would like to know how you feel about how your past lives and the cellular memories affect your current life. Thank you in advance for sharing...Blessings!

<t>I can dig this. Regressing now, while cultivating potential and unlimited possibilities, there must be many gems you have found along the way. Pick one up here, find another one there, pick it up...with this insight, anyone can make anything become their reality, everywhere and everywhen. As I wa...

Greetings! I tend to follow the same thought processes. With that premise as a base for this thought experiment, include some other elemental force(s) or 5th Dimension intelligent species even, but within our galaxy. How would these intertwine with the premise?

<t>Yes I am always seeking beyond the preverbial forest. This is the 1st time I've done research on Indigo Phenomena, so am eager to hear how to really find out the truth as it relates to me...I do not normally join large forums, but I thought, why not! There's usually much fiction and opinions expr...

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