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Re: music that we hear

very cool
ya normally if i'm asleep its loud and i wake up
although i have heard these things while awake, and it sounds like a loud radio playing,
and i will go thru the house, i will even go outside to make sure, i'm not crazy lololol

and no no radio is playing, no tv is on..............

what is the scariest thing you have seen ?

i will start it off till this day and i have seen so many things............... and the scariest thing i have seen is............. when i was 7 i woke up, i dont know why i did and i got out of my bed and walked toward my door i could see at the end of the hallway  the kitchen light was on i was sca...

music that we hear

if this is wrong, please move it :) ok so i hear music now this is music from a being /spirit................another dimension so it always has a message i think they speak to me like this cause when i was very small, i used to get so scared, to hear their voices so now they talk like this :) and wh...

Re: its gone

ok well thank you blue :) i can jot a little something i basically make those types of threads as a map, of what i have heard and what is to come when i re read them, sometimes i see things i missed before no one is perfect :) i have that ona diff site, i was just hoping to something like that simil...

its gone

hi, i dont know if this is the correct area for this but some of my stuff is missing i made a  little thread about music that i had heard and also in the personal diaries/blog area my thread is missing too also a bunch of my pm's are gone i assume it happened when the site went down a bit ago did th...

mansions and lion

ok i dont know where to post this..... if this is not the right place, move it i do not ask for interpretation i know what it means i just want to share ok i see this girl called jodi and i have not seen her ina zillion years she invites me to a party, the party is in this huge mansion in nw sa we g...


hey my name is star
if you need anything i am here

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