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Re: Energy Exhausted & Addiction

I felt like I was drowning in other people, that's not including the premonitions, or the sensory stimuli sensitivity. I can definitely benefit from learning how not to absorb other people's least until people learn to return what energy they The point is, when there's no ego, and the...

Re: Introduction

Obviously like most of you I've always experienced a sense of 'difference' from others, including in my age group: I was far more psychologically mature than the children, and felt 'fenced in' when dealing with them in social situations; friendships were based on superficial standards of approval a...

Re: Introduction

Greetings & Salutations to all. I simply cannot shake the feeling of belonging elsewhere. With each passing day, I find myself missing an unknown place. It almost brings me to tears. I know it is my home, but where IS home exactly? It is becoming increasingly frustrating the more I rediscover mysel...


Why is peace a mission impossible :(?
There really must be a huge change on the way... .
Its sad we cannot do much, almost nothing, at least let's pray together for all those who live in fear, sorrow and horror now.


H0bby, I pray for you, too and for all the innocent ppl over there. Dk what else to say... . Keep safe


Once, when I fainted due to very low blood pressure, I felt exactly what you discribed and only after a few seconds I saw some scenes and then woke up. But I was unconsious so Im not sure what it was. Btw, if your search for white noise in youtube you'll find some nature sounds for making babies asl...

Re: Who will give me advice???:

Hello. First of all you know nothing about me and about h0bby, I guess, and don't see where all this hate&aggression comes from. Besides, your insults are pointless. For the protocol, Im a veeeery patient person and never jump into insulting or attacing ppl around, which means I do not tollerate suc...

Re: Heroes of The Day

Anyway, we cannot change the system, we can buy a hot meal or give a warm coat to someone who needs it. Tell this to daesh :D More and more people now they totally lost trust in the system, and make territory and bands and autonomous zone, and national fronts, and all this. It's already some years ...

Re: Heroes of The Day

True. I totally get it. Have been working for some years with Scandinavian business partners and collegues and at the beginning they were never happy to work with an Eastern european from the Balkans. Just because they consider us frauds or idk. Then I also worked hard, harder than them, got depress...

Re: Heroes of The Day

Originally, all I wanted to say with the thread was that we can be a bit more human not in words only. Im not talking about risking your life or doing some crazy stuffs, or doing too much that the other side can feel like a debtor.

Re: Heroes of The Day

cheeneka wrote:Hi Tim.

'no good deed goes unpunished'.....

LOve cheeneka x
Seriously? You used that one? I was about to post it right now lol wooow... reading my mind
Yes, we pay sometimes for wanting to help. We can also get insulted or ousted away even. Still, if you want to help, help, imo.

Re: Heroes of The Day

h0bby1 wrote:The problem is there is another chain that make people miserable on the other side :p And it's much easier to break people than to fix them up :D
Not sure what you mean. They feel ashamed of being helped or what? It might not be fixing someone but just little deeds.

Re: Heroes of The Day

cheeneka wrote:Hi,

I read somewhere once that we are not asked to change the whole world, just maybe one person at a time.

LOve cheeneka x
Exactly. Its a chain. You make a little difference helping someone, this can inspire someone else.

Re: Heroes of The Day

But here idk it need like massive change, one / one it's really almost useless, not that i don't try to do it like all the good people, but it's clear we are not winning and all become more and more like this, with economy not really growing, and all price and taxes going up, and more and more weir...

Heroes of The Day

I suggest everytime someone feels miserable (for one reason or another) try do something good to someone else. It may be just making someone smile, a little gesture, or be the hero of the day helping ppl in need like the story below. Its touching & awe-inspiring...


There is a movie called The Tomorrow People. Its about superhumans. Regardless all the Hollywood-action-style and some details the story is kind of good. The most fascinating part for me was that these evolved superhumans could not kill, their physical bodies were just not able to do that. Curious...

Re: Destiny

Cheeneka, I agree - there must be a reason for all the things that happen to us, for all the people who come into our way.  Honestly, I dont like to search for the reason of violence against the innocent (children, defenceless ppl, animals, nature as a whole, etc.) and I'd rather fight against such ...


Has anyone any opinions on what is the next step in our evolution? Will we ever realise the little things are important? to appreciate what we have now? that beauty is within not without? that power is transitory? that just to be nice is a gift? etc etc etc......... LOve cheeneka x It might be some...

Re: The Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) In Ancient Culture

The psychedelic experience produced by the ritualistic use of hallucinogenic plants threatens to awaken the masses from their materialistic fervor and change their world view which goes against the Globalization motto of the western world. Hence, DMT the active ingredient of the Ayahuasca brew used...

Re: The Pineal Gland (3rd Eye) In Ancient Culture

The third eye is the spiritual eye, literally... And im surprised about the physical similarities between the real human brain pineal gland and the egyptian symbol that represents the third eye. What a wise and telepathic civilization they were. I have been thinking the same  lately - "what a wise ...

Re: Mighty Nature

Your pics are an interesting contribution to the Mighty Nature exposure. There is something pretty invigorating in the desert rocky beach landscapes.

Nature can cure... so stunning.

My pic was made in September. The weather back then was quite pleasant, actually :)

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