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Nothing can fill the void

On this day a decade ago you left me I still cry that why did you go I was never the same again after you left My life was my life because you were in it The wound that was created when you left still has not healed It gives me peace that you are still in my dreams I miss you each and every day You ...

Dreaming of a Monk

Hi Everyone, Last night I had a dream of Buddhist monks. I was joking with them. They gave me something sweet from their orange bag. I loved their company. I have always been fond of Buddhist monks since childhood. I wanted to become one. I don't know what it means but after meeting them I felt happ...

Re: How can I stop a particular person from entering my dream

Alive person. Yes he is trying to scare me. We were friends at some point of time but not anymore. The kind of morals that this guy used to follow were against my principles also I felt he lacked ethics and basic humanity . Humanity which every human being I suppose should have for another so I just...

How can I stop a particular person from entering my dream

Hi all, I think someone knowingly enters my dreams to disturb me. I pray to archangel Micheal but if is there is any way I can stop someone from entering my dream. He does know astral projection and all that I am just a normal human being learning about life , but his visits haunts me. I am not frie...

Knee bends during asanas

Hi ,
I have started doing yoga and it is difficult for me to keep my knee staright during poses. I know this will be ok with time but what I was thinking is I never had a major knee injury nor any knee issues why I have such issues.
Thanks in advance

Snake animal Totem

Hi, I went to a park and saw two snakes in the pond there. Well there is a board that beware snake is in the pond so I would not call it something that happens rarely. I mean people must have seen snake before in the pond. But the thing was snake was not leaving even though everyone was looking at t...

caterpillar killed in a dream

Hi , Again I am here with my dream . I saw a caterpillar and then that caterpillar became friendly with a dog. Caterpillar was of dog's size I was enjouying seeing both playing. Then dog goes for a walk. Caterpillar is goes with the dog. Suddenly the dog crosses the road but caterpillar stays on roa...

Seeing Lord Hanuman in a dream

Hi all My Dream is below Last night I saw Lord Hanuman in dream. I was driving the car and suddenly from back seat someone I thought was a friend rose to sky. Then I identified that oh this is lord Hanuman. He was orange in color. His size was increasing as he rose up in the sky. I felt serene and t...

healing thoughts

Please send me healing thoughts someone intentionally destroyed my personal and professional life. I don't want to think about that person again. I leave him to God. But I have to heal myself first. Please send me healing thoughts.

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