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Re: Nonlinear time

I agree with opiumchild, being that if a certain event happened to your spouse (just for thought) when they were 10 and you think back to when you were 10. What makes is the difference between their “10” and yours? If that doesn’t make sense think of it like this: My spouse is 22 so when she was 10 ...

Re: New here

Hi Antonio, my name is Tanner. I love in Wisconsin and share the same qualities you do! I find great happiness in helping others see the light and understand life for what it is.

New here, from Wisconsin!

Hello all, my name is Tanner Hansen and like all of you I am an indigo child. Since I was in high school (currently 21) I have been on quite a big self finding/ inner tuning quest. I have always kind of just “known” things and was portrayed to be self centered until anything was proven, however I ha...

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