Starseed quiz 98!!!

I just took the starseed quiz and got a 98 percent!!! I had no idea, but when I was reading the thread on starseed traits, lots were familiar, striking a chord with me. Low and behold when I took the quiz, it was a 98! I'm not really sure what that means, so I guess I'll have to read up further... Anyone wanna help by explaining what it means that I'm a starseed?

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Welcome all.
More important then scoring high on those tests is how you feel
about the connection that is implied with the term 'starseed'.

There is a wealth of information here, and a bevvy of helpful people,
some who are even <_< >_> starseeds.

Enjoy your journey


I scored a 92 0.o I'm still stunned over the questions about fascinations with willow trees, mushrooms, electrical storms, etc. On the other hand, I did spend half my childhood trying to find the adoption papers.
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